All Ends

KB, Malmö - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As I hadn’t been too impressed by All Ends the first time I saw them, warming up for Apocalyptica in this same venue two years ago, I wasn’t putting much hope in them this time around either. You might feel this is narrow-minded, but I haven’t heard them since that time, and have therefore heard nothing which would make me think any different.

Coming on stage, they seemed to have the same members as last time, and right from the start I thought I might have to swallow my own words as Joseph ‘Joey’ Skansås (drums) enthusiastically began beating an atmosphere up with his sticks.
However, as soon as the rest of the band came on it all changed, and sadly not for the better. Admittedly, the two vocalists Tinna Karlsdotter and Emma Gelotte seemed to have a lot of fun on stage and acted well against each other, but the instrumentalists where extremely anonymous and seemed more like a background band supporting the two females rather than being in the same band on equal foot with them. Except possibly for aforementioned drummer, he was the most entertaining and lively one to see in the entire band.
Just like last time it was Skåne-born Karlsdotter who handled most of the communication with the audience, who already at this point had grown considerably since the first band supporting Edguy this night, H.E.A.T, had been on stage. She did manage to get some clapping started, and there were a few who sang along as best they could but for the most part the crowd took it rather easy during All Ends' concert.

As this was the last show for All Ends on this tour they were, by their own accord, giving it all their remaining energy, although they had a hard time staying focused towards the end as the guys from H.E.A.T began attacking them with slices of orange from behind the mixer table. They also came out and stole one of the cymbals from Skansås, leaving him with a somewhat crippled drum-set. This was not a problem for him however, as he continued pounding away as if nothing had happened.

I will say this; this show was far superior to the last one I saw them play. Sadly, this still does not mean it was any good.
Apparently having the entire Gothenburg scene backing you, and even being related to riffing mastermind Björn Gelotte (In Flames) doesn’t guarantee you success. Well, success maybe, but not good material. All Ends still does nothing for me. Nothing at all.

All Ends

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