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Your desires for death will be satisfied! Hailing from Glasgow, the fanatic death/black-metallers of ACHREN, who already produce so called "Blood Metal" since 2003, start on their journey to Slovenia in this summer. This bloodthirsty quartet will cut into your flesh with rough riffs, black metallic melodies, demonic screams and brutally deep death-metal-growls. After they have shaken up the death metallic UK-scene, now the guys of ACHREN force to fill the rest of the world with endless darkness. Their performance at this years METALCAMP will become a highlight for all fans of dreadful, but killing moments.


Power metal is marching forward! BRAINSTORM - the German heroes of melodic heaviness - are not only dealt as a regional cult-band, but in the mean while they are a solid international magnitude of the genre. After their retreat in the last year, the group’s back this year agile and filled with pure zest for action. At METALCAMP 2011 your metal-vacation will be sweetened by melodic heavy metal, which BRAINSTORM produce so passionately and authentically. BRAINSTORM deliver the headbanger’s essentials to you for getting into the right party-mood!


As one of the first metal bands ever, ARCH ENEMY blackened a white, untouched mark at the map of metal with their show on the Maldives, bringing the homemade "Root Of All Evil" to a paradise. Now female singer Angela Gossow and her team target the next paradise: All vacationists at METALCAMP 2011 get the pleasure to enjoy melodic high-class aggression, when ARCH ENEMY start their inevitable deathblow in form of a fine death-thrash-storm during your headbanger’s holidays. At the moment the melodic death-tyrants are situated in the studio recording their new longplayer. Really soon they’ll be sick of the studio and enter the stage again. Be prepared for this impact at your metal vacation!


Dear Metalcampers,
after discrepancies inside RTN&MOM d.o.o. (the former promoter of METALCAMP festival in Tolmin, Slovenia over the last years) the party which caused problems to METALCAMP for a too long time (they lost lawsuits, etc.) - finally left the common boat.
It now came to our attention that this party is working on their own festival. No problem with that, but the fact that they use the name ‘metalcamp slovenia’ and state amongst artists and METALCAMP fans - they have taken over METALCAMP and renamed it into ‘metalcamp slovenia’, is not correct.
The law/court will have to take care abt. this now, which unfortunately will take some time. Meanwhile, there might temporary come up confusions to everybody concered with METALCAMP which we are very sorry about, but that is nothing we can do or changen at the moment.
So for all parties interested into METALCAMP festival in tolmin slovenia from 12th to 17th of july 2011, the METALCAMP promoting company will be:

Kresnice 30
1281 Kresnice
Mat.št.: 3862437000
ID za DDV:26011638
contact@metalcamp.com or office@metalcamp.com

VALID WEBSITES: like in the past are

ARTIST BUYER: exclusively will be like in the past Mr. Boban Milunovic boban@metalcamp.com, phone: +386 (51) 672473.

TICKETS: like in the past you can buy tickets from Metalcamp shop and all on this site named ticket system like f.e. Eventim and Rock the nation.
Please be aware that only artists which are booked by Boban Milunovic will get announced on the mentioned website and will perform at METALCAMP.
Contracting party for any business with/regarding METALCAMP will be FESTIVALI & KONCERTI d.o.o.
All tickets already sold/bought via RTN&MOM d.o.o. will get their ticket from FESTIVALI & KONCERTI and got the right to visit METALCAMP - the festival which does his announcements over http://www.metalcamp.com/.

Thank you for your attention,
Boban and the metalcamp team


You think it’s not possible to create pure, dark atmosphere, that appears in reality? Portuguese gothic/doom-metallers AVA INFERI demonstrate, how emotional, fragile and dark the world, that surrounds us, truly is. With their last opus "Blood Of Bacchus" the group around charming female singer Carmen Susana Simoes enkindled an amazing fire of gloomy passion and bitter-sweet romance of horror, burning through the core of the listeners’ souls. Inspired by the melancholic style "Fado", a traditional, Portuguese kind of chant, the frontwoman exposes all the grief of this world. Originally the band has been founded by Norwegian black-metal-musician Rune "Blasphemer" Eriksen (ex-Mayhem, Aura Noir, 1349), who is responsible for the rough metal-moments within the songs. METALCAMP 2011 definitely becomes a festival of suicidal eruptions!


Originally founded in the early 80ties, the thrash-metal-maniacs of BULLDOZER still enjoy a high cult-status not limited to the Italian regions. In process of time this Milano-combo has never left its path making thrash metal in the old-school-style. Influenced by legends like Motörhead, Venom and Tank, BULLDOZER celebrates metal with a very raw, traditional attitude. Giving complete expression to aggressive and rousing manners, this Italian metallers cudgel along with extraordinary riffs and classical midtempo-drums, without losing the view of dark, occult atmosphere. With BULLDOZER another cult-act awaits you at METALCAMP 2011.


The band SERENITY is the Austrian figurehead in progressive melodic metal. After several tours with stars of the genre such as Threshold, Kamelot, Communic and Morgana Lefay, these special metallers out of the house of Napalm Records reached to attract the attention in whole Europe. The breakthrough of the combo finally came with their last album "Fallen Sanctuary" in 2008, which got overwhelming reviews by the international music media. Now, SERENITY have a new bite of melodic heaviness on the start, ready to be presented to the full at your headbanger’s holidays.


Thrash metal is marching forward! Athens bludgeon-freaks of SUICIDAL ANGELS, who recently released their newest crusher "Dead Again" via NoiseArt Records and received tons of positive feedback from fans, media and musicians, make this point undoubtedly clear. Besides this Greek metal-formation has an enormous potential in playing extraordinary live-shows - a fact, the combo demonstrated impressively at the Thrashfest tour. SUICIDAL ANGELS are always good for a classical neck fracture. Their killer-music makes you feel addicted. Go and see for yourself...


Desire for black-metal-purism? Hordaland’s highest-classified black-metal-artist TAAKE reveals to take a mass-casualty attack at METALCAMP 2011. It’s not surprising, that the Norwegian bonecrushers around frontman and troublemaker Hoest count to the masters of this genre, because they perfectly know how to create occult music at its best. It doesn’t matter if summer-sun-feelings rule at your headbanger’s holidays - TAAKE will reach to get you caught into the auspicious, cold darkness of the North. Razorbladelike guitar-lines, rumbling drums and demonic vocals fill your soul with inescapable fear and pain. Nothing seems to stay alive, when this necro-storm is rushing through Slovenian Tolmin! Hail to true Norwegian black metal!


THE OCEAN - originally coming from Berlin - counts to the most interesting bands of the present music-culture. This unique quintet scores not only with its music, but also with its lyrics and conceptional backgrounds. So these guys, also known under synonym "The Ocean Collective", enjoy presenting their eagerness to experiment with the impressing variety of post-hardcore. THE OCEAN breaks through with brutal hardcore combined with elements of progressive metal and classical music, a melting pot that truly takes effects. In November 2010 the group released their newest coup titeled "Anthropocentric", another punch with high intellectual potential. Start a journey through the depths of the ocean at your headbanger’s holidays!


New York metal-protagonist David "Dionysus" DeFeis and his fellowship of VIRGIN STEELE are raising their swords and flying the flag for a new, epic attack! The US-cult-band stands for heroic power metal and a true barbaric lifestyle. Metal songs never before sounded more emotional, more enthusiastic and more warlike than out of the horns of VIRGIN STEELE. Since the early 80ties, this noble clan characterized the heavy metal scene, not at least by the use of lyrical topics such as the mythology of antique Greece, which enjoy a high status within the song-material of VIRGIN STEELE. This year’s celebration of bitter-romantic barbarian era occurs at your headbanger’s holidays!


Dear Metalcampers,
due to a company reorganisation all tickets that were purchased and received from RTN&MOM d.o.o. and Rock the Nation LTD will be exchanged for new tickets by Festivali & Koncerti d.o.o.

All of you that received the yellow festival ticket and the green 3-DAY ticket will receive a new, red festival ticket and a new, blue 3 DAY ticket.

And of course, for those who bought festival ticket for the price of 3 DAY ticket, the old, green certificate will be replaced with a new, orange certificate.

Each of you that already have an "old" ticket will be contacted and informed about it. The exchange of the tickets will be done free of charge. You will receive "new" tickets send to your address.
We are sorry for inconvenience.
Your Metalcamp team


Bombast, staginess and unlimited pathos count to the absolute subtleties of the German cult-metallers led by frontman and vocalist Hansi Kürsch. These successful power-metal-guardians always have a lot of fantasy-stuff up their sleeves, which never seems to run dry - uniting metalheads of different genres, directions and countries together and filling them with enthusiasm. Immortal hits such as "Valhalla", "Mirror Mirror", "Imaginations From The Other Side" and "The Bard’s Song" upgraded BLIND GUARDIAN directly to the throne of melodic-metal-masters, already in their early years. With the recently released new opus "At The Edge Of Time" the combo once again breaks through the boundaries of imagination and show you a world full of mysticism and darkness. At METALCAMP 2011 the band picks you up for a stunning journey through time.


Among the youngest bands ever to storm the metal genre, Death Angel has come to be known as one of the most influential bands to emerge from the thriving Bay Area Thrash Metal Scene in the early 1980s, an era when one could catch Cliff Burton (Metallica) at the front of the stage at Ruthie’s Inn banging his head to Death Angel’s inventive style, and speedy, complex arrangements. still present these days and stronger than ever, Death Angel are prepared to destroy the stage at your Headbangers Holidays.


A merciless Florida death metal dreamteam is back, packed with an amount of blasphemous ammunition. Glen Benton, Ralph Santolla, Jack Owen and Steve Asheim close the unholy circle of DEICIDE with a brandnew satanic supernova-album explicitly titled "To Hell With God", which appears on earth in February 2011. Now this US death-legend has confirmed its performance at METALCAMP 2011. What a pleasure for all metalcampers to become part of a black mass of proper, traditional death metal. Killing gods at your headbanger’s holidays - an obligated date for all die-hard-deathers as well as for ones, who are slaves of true cult-metal-carnages!


The modern metal soldiers of MERCENARY are prepared for a crusade to Slovenia. Their luggage is filled with an amount of dynamite, which fascinates melodic and progressive metal-fans as well as death-metal-lunatics. Smart melodies and heavy guitar-riffs combined with tremendous drum-assaults are on the top of the band’s setlist. Recently the group signed a deal with NoiseArt Records for releasing their brandnew album. Of course, MERCENARY will present a lot of new songs at your headbanger’s holidays.


This young, Bavarian death-steel-quartet out of Relapse Records breaks through the unholy walls of the present death-metal-elite. Listeners get confronted with high technical death metal tunes, which are characterized by rhythmical as well as melodious abstraction. Not atonishing, if you bear in mind, that Hannes Grossmann (ex-Necrophagist) and Jeroen Paul Thesseling (ex-Pestilence) belong to the membership of OBSCURA. After successful, international tours with notable representatives of the scene such as Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse, the extreme metallers join this year’s sunny METALCAMP 11 to blow your brain out of your head!


October File - features 4 individuals - John Watt, Matt Lerwill, Ben Hollyer and Steve Beatty bassist . October File’s sound - well imagine 4 people who really don’t care what you think, don’t care about trends, don’t care about success - a band that is simply doing it because they want to and they can! Described as sons of Killing Joke, Big Black and Hardcore bands such as Boy Sets Fire - we are confused as you are. October File don’t think they sound like anyone else but themselves.


Every metalhead knows about the importance of the essential classic-releases of the German metal-gods ACCEPT! "Restless And Wild", "Balls To The Wall" or "Metal Heart" are only three outstanding examples of the grandiose back-catalogue of these heavy metal-gigants, who once influenced and defined the world of heavy music. These days the heroes of the past return into the presence, armed with a brandnew album titled "Blood Of The Nations", which demonstrates the power of ACCEPT anno 2011. The cult-metallers are still full of energy and sound heavy as fuck! At METALCAMP 2011 your metalhearts will get what they deserve with an exclusive performance of this legend!


METALCAMP will be declared as terrorzone that comes up with a celebration due the 25th anniversary of German thrash kings KREATOR. Mille Petrozza and his maniacs once decisively defined thrash metal within the German borders together with their friends from Sodom and Destruction, carried this metal-genre to the top and consequently wrote history in music. Pioneering releases such as "Endless Pain", "Pleasure To Kill" and "Extreme Aggression" deeply engraved in the Wall of Fame of the most popular metal-albums of all times and still rule up high. Now the horde of chaos prepares for a new smash knocking you down at your headbanger’s holidays. Enjoy your very last cocktail at the beach bar, before getting overrun by this thrash-metal-superiority!


Applause! German first-grade medieval rockers pack their instruments and prepare the carts for starting their march to your headbanger’s holidays in Slovenia. Frontman and so-called singer "Das letzte Einhorn" ("The last unicorn") and the audacious bards of IN EXTREMO power up the time-machine and lead you with kettledrum, bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and heavy guitar-sounds into one of the darkest epochs since human existence. In 2008 Metalcampers already got the opportunity to convince themselves of the sensational performance of these "Sängerkrieger". Now the band announces its return to the hellish paradise, filling you with pleasure for dancing. Hold up high the drinking horns for an opulent celebration of medieval spirit.


The Polish metal-monster HATE recently released with "Erebos" a brandnew, killing masterpiece, which spirals up the yardstick of tech death metal significantly. Incisive riffs, thoughtful song-structures and impulsive, tricky rhythm-skills mark the main-competences of these squadrons, who stand in one line with Behemoth representing the death metal elite in Poland. This demonic brigade is drilling through the brutal soundscapes regardless of the consequences, always praising the thematized szenarios of occultism. Take cover when HATE unleashes its tanks at METALCAMP 2011...!


You feel surrounded by dark forces? It’s hard to stand this oppressive, gloomy atmosphere? Your heart’s beating faster and faster and your breath has been taken away? Then the occult musical art of Germany’s black metal front runners IMPERIUM DEKADENZ has achieved its aim, grinding the sensitive side of your soul ruthlessly. Grater-rough black metal melodies give the bitter-cold songs, which pander to melancholy, a true finishing touch. The five darkmen know to cope with their demonic skills and conjure up thick wafts of mist, which encircle your souls without a way out. Horns up for a first-class black metal experience, celebrated at METALCAMP 2011.


Our first FACEBOOK/MYSPACE ticket competition has come to an end and we have picked the winners! Matej Meterc, Slovenia (Facebook) and Arinoe Argumentativo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (MySpace) are the lucky ones to have won a METALCAMP 2011 ticket! Congratulations guys and enjoy the festival! Stay tuned, soon we´ll be again giving away some stuff!


Warriors’ hearts are beating faster! Finland’s hottest melodic-metal-act of these days THAUROROD creates an impressing scenery of bombast, that does not only attract attention to folk- and pagan-fans. Rapturous epic-scenarios, lead by progressive and avant-garde moments, profile the musical main competences of the band and keep the blood of the metal-fans boiling. The aspiring sextet is making music on the highest level and doesn’t need to hide behind the most renowned artists of the scene. With their debut-album "Upon Haunted Battlefields", which has been released via NoiseArt Records, the Nordic metal-heroes still navigate along the course of success. On your headbanger’s holidays THAUROROD will open a new, breath-taking saga...


The shifting movement of red hot sand, spiralling around the withered trunk of a gnarled tree are among the hypnotic visions KYLESA evoke with "Spiral Shadow". Drawing deeply from the roots nourishing their unique sound with the essence of crust punk, psychedelic and stoner rock as well as sludge metal, the US-band is tapping into an even deeper musical universe than ever before. It all begins in Savannah, Georgia, where guitarist and singer Philipp Cope founds KYLESA with two members of his former band Damad during the year 2001. The name is derived from the Buddhist concept of "kilesa mara" meaning delusionary states of the mind. In 2002 they published their album debut "Kylesa" (2002). Yet KYLESA quickly develop their style, to which guitarist and vocalist Laura Pleasants contributes in a major way. This is enhanced by their use of two drummers since the third album "Time Will Fuse Its Worth" (2006), while "To Walk a Middle Course" (2005) was still recorded in the usual way. With the critically highly acclaimed "Static Tensions" (2009) KYLESA fine tune their formula, which has come close to perfection now. Let the fiery passion of these burning riffs engulf you on METALCAMP 2011!


Rising Dream is a proud representative of the Croatian metal scene. Rising Dream could be described as a power/thrash/death band, but their music and stage interpretation incorporates many musical genres and puts the band among those bands you’ll most certainly notice, both musically and visually. After support concerts and festivals began their ‘Failed Tour’ showcasing their album ‘Failed Apocalypse’ all around Europe. The band just finished the first leg of their European tour, touring together with German thrash metal legends Destruction. After the shows at the major open air summer festivals, Rising Dream continues to work on their new songs with the new line-up. For the next album Rising Dream taps producer Rickard Bengtsson (Arch Enemy, Testament, Opeth, Firewind...), so expect nothing less than the best, and check out all other details on the official web page.


Like an indomitable monster this horde is rising from the depths of Finnish swamps, beaming the grim reaper’s scythe towards Slovenian METALCAMP 2011. In process of time - after numerous fantastic releases like "Swamplord", "The Black Waltz" or "For The Revolution" - KALMAH turned from a remarkable underground-inside-tip into a true diamond within the death-metal-society. Currently the group is wandering through the morasses with their album "12 Gauge". For friends of intense, Nordic death-metal-art, the hour of truth comes up at METALCAMP 2011: Exclusively KALMAH will continue their acoustical march through the swamps at your headbanger’s holidays!


Top-Newcomers of 2010 @ MC 11 MainStage: HEAVEN GREY & ABINCHOVA & BREZNO confirmed!
After their successful performances on the METALCAMP 2nd Stage this year, these 3 newcomer-acts qualified to open at METALCAMP 11 MainStage. The stage is free for a powerful breath of fresh air: The folk-metallers of HEAVEN’S GREY, hailing from Latvian capital Riga, the Swiss dark bards of ABINCHOVA and the young pagan-heroes of BREZNO are ready to conquer the biggest stage of your headbanger’s holidays.
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/abinchova
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/breznospace
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/heavengrey


Under an Uppsala Moon, the spirits of ancient evil and old metal are summoned and celebrated. The cloaks of Swedes Niklas Lindstrom (guitar), Uno Bruniusson (drums), Gottfrid Ahman (bass) and Henrik Helenius (guitar / vocals) rose within a circle of fire and gave birth to the band IN SOLITUDE. Tones of below and voices from the deep beyond enlightened the eve. At dawn a new entity will have arisen although a year would pass before it would ride out...
In 2008 they released EP Hidden Dangers (7 songs) which was quickly sold out. Under this same cycle, the band unleashes their nameless 8 song, full-length debut in the form of a CD on Pure Steel Records and cast in wax on High Roller Records. The heat of the album spread throughout the land as both versions rapidly saw represses.


After the announcement of finnish dark metallers AMORPHIS, now we´re happy to present Watain to you maniacs out there!
Stockholm’s darkest horde hits the flag of black metal into the paradisiacal ground of METALCAMP 2011. The hellish wolves, who recently caused a tremendous impact within the black scene with their new album "Lawless Darkness", reveal the book of gloomy might to quote from during their musical celebration. Dark melodies, reminding of the glorious music-art of Dissection, bite through your auditory canals aggressively and poisonously - always taking care for emotional authenticity. The magic of WATAIN gets completed by the pulsing drums and the fearsome vocals. This voluptuous sacrificial offering sparks off the fire of your souls! The time is right for receiving the "Black Metal Militia" of this year’s METALCAMP.
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