2000 Decibel - 2003

Text: Cora Gonser Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The main reason for me attending the festival in the first place was next: VINTERSORG.
My expectations towards this gig were probably unrealistically high as I was so much looking forward to be blown away by seeing them finally live. Oh well, it should not be.

Mr. V had promised quite some surprises and everyone expected him to introduce us to a new song which after all didn't happen though. Instead, we got to hear Ödemarkens Son and Under Norrskenets Fallande Ljusspel which was certainly surprising. It was of course also nice to hear A Dialogue With The Stars and Algol and a lot of new songs were being played as well (A Metaphyical Drama, Vem Styr Symmetrin?, Spegelsfären).
Unfortunately, the sound wasn't the best and so especially ESP Mirage ended up pretty much as a mess.

We wished Mr. V had communicated with the crowd a bit more than he did, but he still is just rather charismatic for sure.
Tyr not only provided his bass play but also some backing vocals and Mattias played well but looked awfully tired/sick/whatever.
During the legendary Till Fjälls, which marked the end of the set, the first few rows finally went totally nuts. Screams for more hopefully didn't go unheard but went unfulfilled (as with every band since the schedule didn't allow extra playing time).


Vem Styr Symmetrin?
Ödemarkens Son
A Metaphysical Drama
Ars Memorativa
Under Norrskenets Fallande Ljusspel
ESP Mirage
A Dialogue With The Stars
Universums Dunkla Alfabet
Till Fjälls


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