Tivolirock - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Mustasch is one of those bands that I think I might like, or have an idea about wanting to listen to them, but they never really catch on, or make to a thorough listen.
Still, looking back at the review I gave them in 2009 it would seem that I enjoyed their performance at that time, so why not give them another go?

“This is a fucking great song!”
- Ralf Gyllenhammar (vocals/guitar)

This statement was the first thing the frontman of the band made as he took centre stage, and straight after this the band threw themselves and us into the song It’s Never Too Late off of their latest album, Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven.
Straight from the start, the rock ‘n’ roll laden heavy metal that is Mustasch’s sound grabbed a large part of the crowd, the largest one I had seen so far. Then again, Mustasch was the first band we saw on the largest stage at Tivolirock, and the popularity they had going in the crowd made it very apparent why they were playing here instead of on any of the other stages. Ok, so some of the popularity seemed to come from the fact that this was good drinking music, or so it would seem when I looked at the people closest to me, but I’m some of the popularity also came from the fact that the band members seemed genuinely happy to be here playing, and Gyllenhammar was more than happy to tell little jokes, or just come up with the odd comment between songs as well.
Hell, in addition to all the raised arms and devil horns they were getting from the people in the front (and some way back), Gyllenhammar and his crew managed to get a good sing-along going in the song Heresy Blasphemy, where the vocalist would sing the title words and then let the audience respond with the words; “That’s your name!”
It was loud, it was catchy... was repetitive.
For the first of the half of the concert I was well entertained by Mustasch, I don’t deny it, but come the halfway mark and beyond, it just felt as though we were going in circles; the music simply wasn’t varied enough to carry such a long slot as they had been given, and instead of walking away from a shorter set wanting more, I was left with a tedious feeling, wondering if this really was all the band had to offer.
Mustasch have at this point released six full-length albums, so the sheer quantity should speak for them having done something in other tempo’s and rhythm’s, but for some reason the band didn’t see it fit to present any of these (I assume) songs from their back catalogue. I mean, if you have a song titled Speed Metal, shouldn’t at least it be one that brought the tempo up?!
After a while, it also became annoying listening to the weak guitar sound they were using (can’t say if this was the sound they were going for, or just something that happened due to lack of a proper soundcheck), and I had an increasingly hard time taking Gyllenhammar’s extremely Swenglish singing seriously.
The not so critical crowd around me just kept on pouring beers inside, and took no notice of the missing finer details of the concert, which resulted in the show going ever on though.
Mustasch ended their concert with a song I can’t recall the title of but which sounded quite a lot like the Scorpions song Rock You Like A Hurricane, only just not as inspired, and when they then opted for I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston as their outro melody all hope was lost and I had just stopped caring anymore.

It would seem Mustasch have grown beyond their own capabilities. Judging from my initial feeling for the show, I’d say this would have worked perfectly earlier in the day, or at least on a smaller stage and a shorter set. That’s my main complaint about this show (and you’ve probably guessed it by now), it was simply too long for the bands own good.

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