Jesper Binzer

The Tivoli, Helsingborg - 2018

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Now being completely hooked to the Jesper Binzer solo phenomena, Metalmoments decided to follow him to The Tivoli in Helsingborg, to see how he’d fair with an international crowd.

“How’s life in Helsingborg, good?”
- Jesper Binzer (vocals/guitar)

The change in atmosphere between the two prior shows we’d seen had been remarkable, but this time around the change was in the personnel, and it would be interesting to see how this would affect the show. The change I’m talking about is that fellow musician Søren Andersen - producer of the album, and gatherer of the live band - wasn’t with the band anymore, having other obligations with Glenn Hughes no less. He hadn’t left Binzer high and dry though, but had found a replacement to take over for the rest of the tour, or until he himself would be back.This replacement was a long-haired, long-bearded guy in jeans and jeans vest, known as Tim Alvin Boström, and normally residing in the band The Boy That Got Away. In style and presence, he was a big step away from Andersen, but he did an excellent job of playing. A bit introvert perhaps, but hell, this was his first night with the band, so who can blame him for concentrating? I’d like to see how he opens up further down the road, when he’s more familiar with the band and the material.

“Do you want to hear the first song I wrote for this [band]? It’d be awkward if you said no.”
- Binzer (vocals/guitar)

Speaking of opening up, I’ve got to give a shout-out to bassist Anders Borre Mathiesen! In Andersen’s absence, he stepped up his game, and left his place in the back at times to get the crowd going. The first time we saw this was when he got the crowd to clap their hands for Rock On Rock On Rock, but it wasn’t the last, and it became him.
It also became guitarist Christian Hede Madsen to let his hair out, and wear a black wife beater, making him look decidedly less hipster and more rock.
I guess it would be hard to make Jesper Binzer look more rock than he already does, but on the other hand, he can play around with his presence in other ways as well. For instance, he gave it a good shot at speaking Swedish throughout the entire concert - sure, about half of what he said was “Fattar ni vad jag säger?” (=do you get what I'm saying?), and the other half was mostly filled up with “Håll käften!” (=shut up!), the latter mostly said to a group of festive Danes in the crowd, who kept talking to him (in Danish, the horror!) between songs. Binzer’s response was that when you were in Sweden, you should talk Swedish.

“Why make a solo album? Because music is good, and more music is more goodness!”
- Binzer (vocals/guitar)

Binzer hadn’t been able to follow up on yesterday’s sold out show in quite the same style - The Tivoli is a smaller venue than Pumpehuset, and still there was quite enough space to move around in. it was far from a small crowd though, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun watching the show - the Danish section wasn’t the only one that could be heard between songs, cheering the band on. The “Fattar ni vad jag säger?” joke was driven much too far, and even Mathiesen had to own up at one point that he didn’t understand what Binzer was talking about. Apart from that, Helsingborg was given a good show, and they showed their appreciation for it in the best possible way.
I find it interesting that we have now seen Jesper Binzer’s show three time on the same tour, with the exact same setlist, and yet every single concert has been completely different from the other two! Not many bands can deliver that much variety within the same framework - trust me, I speak from experience! So all in all, international Binzer is quite as entertaining as local Binzer. There’s no reason to hold back, just because you’re on foreign ground.


Dying Is Easy (Rock’N’Roll Is Hard)
The Space She’s In
Planet Blue
Real Love
Rock On Rock On Rock
I See It In You
Saint Fantasia
The Bumpy Road
Tell Myself To Be Kind
The Future Is Now
Dream Big
Wild Child (The Savage Rose cover)

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