At The Gates

Graspop Metal Meeting - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

There were several highly anticipated reunions this year, f. ex. Max and Iggor in Cavalera Conspiracy, and British Carcass. Another one was the Swedish death metal act At The Gates.

At The Gates toured several festivals this summer, beyond this I don't know how much work they were going to put in it, but for the Graspop Metal Meeting they were loaded with energy and ready to kick some...
Or at least some of them. Frontman Tomas Lindberg was a real energy package, but even though the music was powerful enough and delivered without fault, I didn't feel the same intensity from the rest of the band. It wasn't bad, just a bit slow in my opinion.
The intensity was not to be taken lightly from the audience's side, though. There were very many who had met up to be a part of the show, and it is seldom that I have witnessed so many devil-horns raised in the air all at once, and for a long time. Tomas did his job to inspire everyone as well, calling out for a colossal circle pit to go with the tunes of Nausea. Of course, he got what he asked for, without delay.

We had to leave for the next show a few songs before the end, but I could hear that the party continued with as much vigor as before all the way through the set.

Setlist (incomplete):

Raped By The Light Of Christ
Under A Serpent Sun
World Of Lies
Kingdom Gone

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