Vicious Rumors

Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Even though this band has been around since back in the 70ies, it wasn’t until now in 2011 as they were on tour supporting Hammerfall, that I had my first run-in with Vicious Rumors from California, USA.

The road took the bands, or should I say started as this was the first show of the tour, to Amager Bio in Copenhagen, where Vicious Rumors was the first band of the night.
They came on stage quite anonymously, not introducing themselves or saying anything at all really before they began playing for the less than half filled room of metal fans. The only thing which indicated as to whom we were watching were the two large VR banners, standing one on either side of the stage, but they could just as easily have been put up in advance even if the band had a later slot.
The band didn’t though, and after the first three songs which all came in quick succession, we were finally given a short introduction to the band by band-leader Geoff Thorpe (guitar), where along-side the current staff consisting of Brian Allen (vocals), Stephen Goodwin (bass) and Larry Howe (drums) we saw one Thaen Rasmussen on second guitar, replacing Kiyoshi Morgan who for some unknown reason did not participate in this tour. As they were all new to me it didn’t make much of a difference on a personal level, but it might explain why Rasmussen wasn’t really performing on par with the others of the band; he was most likely concentrating on what to play.

The others were performing their asses of though. Especially Allen and Goodwin caught my eye, but the others didn’t lack anything in skills either. Allen was actually so fired up he decided to go for a crowd-surf during one of the songs (thankfully some more people had shown up at this time), and after he was delivered back he stayed on for a while in the security pit as he shared the mic with the frontline of fans.
This excitement had already shown itself though, in a less fortunate way during Minute To Kill where Allen accidentally fell on his ass and pulled one of the drum-mic’s with him in the fall. He was quickly back on his feet tough, and a stage-hand put the mic back in its rightful place and the show continued on as if nothing happened.
Looking past this one little hiccup though, it was clear to see what an enormous experience this band possessed; this was clearly an outfit which was used to playing head-lining gigs, and even as a special guest support act, they brought that same intensity and fire to their performance, and in the end it paid off, at least to some degree...

As I mentioned above, the hall wasn’t very well-filled when Vicious Rumors began playing, but more people kept on showing up, and towards the end there was a decent amount of people gathered even though we were still far from filled.
It was only a small group of fans in the front which were giving the band the time of day though, but they were on the other hand very enthusiastic about what they saw and heard; they were also the ones nearly climbing on top of each other when Allen was in the pit sharing his mic.
The longer the show went on though, more and more arms and devil-horns were raised in the air, and the band also got a fair amount of applause between songs. Sure enough this was far from the wildest crowd I have ever seen, and throughout it all it was still mostly the group in the front who were active, but there was still a pretty good atmosphere throughout, and we were getting our money’s worth already this early in the evening.

Come to the music of Vicious Rumors, I must say that it didn’t agree with me to a hundred percent, but the well-performed show made up for much of it and I ended up having a good time.
It was also cool to see the band-members hanging out in the bar afterwards, and coming to the other gigs of the night, real down to earth people.


Digital Dictator
Minute To Kill
Let The Garden Burn
Don’t Wait For Me

Vicious Rumors

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