Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2021

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Timechild’s intro stated that this was something we hadn’t seen before, and in a way it was true. In another, it wasn’t.
Timechild was in fact not something we had seen before, as it was a spanking new band, who were just about to drop their debut album, And Yet It Moves, a few days after this concert.
Timechild was also something we had seen and heard before, because I instantly recognised the frontman as Anders Folden Brink of previous SEA fame. From what I could hear, Timechild also had an uncanny resemblance in style to that defunct (as far as I can tell) band. Big belt-buckeled Seventies rock was the name of the game.

“We are Timechild, and we’re freaking proud to stand here and support THE Jesper Binzer!”
- Anders Folden Brink (vocals/guitar)

Seventies rock has never been a favourite style of mine, but neither do I mind it, and when it’s made well, it can be highly enjoyable. What I liked best about SEA back in the day, and what directly translates over in Timechild, is Brink’s vocals and style. He certainly seems completely genuine in his expression, and that is a must for this to work.
Timechild opened up with a heavy groove, and for being a band that basically nobody had heard before this gig, they did a good job in winning the crowd over. There was something altogether charming about drummer Martin Haumann having stacked his audio gear up on old beer crates, and in time with the band warming themselves up, they became more and more playful on stage as well.

Timechild didn’t win me over this time, but they delivered the goods, and they got good cheers from the audience, which is a good thing. Who knows, maybe we’ll meet again down the line? It would be interesting to see how things developed for the band.

Setlist (incomplete):

The Bite Of Frost
And Yet It Moves


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