The Kind That Kills

Pumpehuset, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

It was a good night, seeing Biohazard back in their original line-up. But first there were two support bands, The Kind That Kills and Hårda Tider; both of which knew nothing about before-hand.

First up was The Kind That Kills from Stockholm, Sweden, and already from the start we could tell that the support had been chosen well; the style was fast underground hardcore straight from the backstreets!
The show was vital and filled with energy just as this kind of thing should be, and you could tell the band was glad to perform. Peter (vocals) even snuck in a thanks to Biohazard for letting them tag along on this tour; it must have been a great opportunity for them to come out to new places and spread their music.
And there were a lot of people gathered already who got a chance to see them as well, even though most of the crowd held a respectful distance to the stage-front. There were a couple of loudmouthed guys in the front though who were really rocking out, and it only took a small request from Peter for several more to come and join them. Impressive in itself, if you ask me, as such requests more often than not go completely unheard.

Peter chose to speak in English all evening as he, by his own words, didn't understand and could not speak a word of Danish, and not expecting that the Danish was better at Swedish than he was at Danish he chose to go for the more international choice. Probably a good idea, as I don't believe many Danes are familiar with the Stockholm accent, and now they could be sure everyone understood.
Setlist-ways they chose to take a more "dangerous" path though, as it consisted of many new songs and also a cover track; Vitality by Beyond. This is normally a bad idea, as the crowd can't follow or sing along to the songs when they don't know them, but on the other hand; The Kind That Kills is probably so unknown around these parts as of yet so I don't think it really mattered in this case.

The Kind That Kills delivered a good show to warm everyone up before the main attraction, and will hopefully be remembered for later for lovers of this sort of music.

Setlist (as written):

End Of The...
Start Again
Piece Of Påten

The Kind That Kills

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