The Rock, Copenhagen - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Ragnarok from Norway was the second band to play on this pure black metal night at The Rock; before them Valkyrja had played, and afterwards Marduk would come in and headline the night.
But now it was time for Ragnarok, and once again a stormy weather was used as an intro, this time coupled with the toll of a church-bell. They weren’t scoring any points for innovation, but it was effective in a traditional and foreseeable way.

Just as with the earlier band, we were here talking about old-school black metal, with its players drenched in blood and bad make-up, but where the earlier ones had varied between high speed and melody, Ragnarok was relentless in their ultra fast-paced pummelling of our senses.
This led to the now even larger audience to pull a bit closer to the stage, although they were still only acting like calm bystanders out watching, with only a few exceptions.
The bandmembers weren’t exactly flying around the stage either, but were concentrating more on giving of a sinister atmosphere with their well rehearsed black metal expression. The only time they broke out of this shell was a quick hand-shake with the closest audience just before leaving the stage.

In the beginning, Ragnarok’s show worked well, and displayed a lot of power, but the lack of variation soon turned it into a dull affair which couldn’t keep my interest up to the end, or even midway through.
The only saving grace was the ever-present superb sound-mix from The Rock’s side, but this is not enough to build an entire show on, it is only the spice which is supposed to make the rest of the meal more enjoyable. Sadly, Ragnarok only had one thing on the menu, and it went stale fast…


It’s War
Bless Thee For Granting Me Pain
Stabbed By The Horns
Certain Death
Collectors Of The King
In Nomine Satanas
Blackdoor Miracle


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