The Rock, Copenhagen - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After an excellent warm up by Zandelle, and after getting a wee bit drunk due to The Rock’s 20 DKR (approx. 2,5 Euros) bar concept, it was finally time for Germany’s own Grailknights on this, the first date of their first headliner tour, better known as the Battlechoir Reinforcement tour.

At the start of the show, Grailknights’ arch enemy, the evil Dr. Skull, took the stage and showed of the Holy Grail while proclaiming that the Grailknights would never get their hands on it.
What followed was over an hour of melodic and fast music with a mix of clean and guttural vocals, battling with the forces of evil constantly roaming the hall, and drinking a lot of beer of course (they are German after all).
Our four heroes were the red knight Mac Death (vocals/bass), the green knight Sir Optimus Prime (vocals/guitars), the blue knight Lord Lightbringer (guitars) and the yellow (in colour only) knight Duke Of Drumington (drums).
With them was their loyal steed Zapf Beauty (a.k.a. Beer Beauty) and of course us, the Battlechoir.
Against us all were the forces of evil lead by Dr. Skull, and consisting of his two henchmen Morph the swarf, a loyal orc, and the mighty dragon Urks.

The first thing the band did after entering the stage was to dub us their battle choir by teaching us the magic shout; when they shouted “Battlechoir!” we answered “Yes, sire!”. This would scare the Dr. and his compatriots; and to me it proved surprising as I noticed how many of the audience seemed to know the band from beforehand. The only reason I had ever heard of them was because we had visited some Germans this summer, and they had a poster of the Grailknights in their home. Other than that I thought they were completely unknown around these parts, but obviously I was mistaken. I even saw at least two guys who were completely dressed for the occasion, one of them in an intricate orc dress, the other resembling something like a hobbit...

“You may ask yourselves, why do Grailknights look so cool?” was a question put to us by the band, and the answer was that they for this quest to reconquer the Holy Grail had had some completely new armour sewn up by Sir Optimus Prime. It looked like rubber, it was shiny and had a seriously muscular shape. Could it be better? I say nay!
From the opening Grailquest Gladiators to the ending Return To Castle Grailskull a furious and funny battle was fought with the help of music and crazy props. Like the time Zapf Beauty offered a keg of beer to the thirsty Battlechoir, or when Urks made an attempt at attacking the knights, who then bravely fought off the dragon with their plastic swords. Another fine addition to the overall zaniness was when Sir Optimus Prime dropped his battleaxe for a while to arm himself with an accordion instead.
As you might have figured out, Grailknights does not put on an average, run-of-the-mill sort of show; this is over the top wackiness all the way! Some might have a problem with this, but for those of us who had shown up at The Rock to lend our support, it was all good.
Finally, Dr. Skull was defeated and had to give the Holy Grail back to its rightful owners, who then proceeded in pouring the mighty brew it contained down their throats...

Wacky and funny of course, but maybe borderlining on going too far at times. Maybe it was just that I wasn’t prepared for what was to happen I don’t know...
Sadly, the music didn’t present itself in the best way; at times it felt a bit unfocused, and the sound could certainly have been better, as it had been for the support.
However, all in all, I had myself a splendid (k)night, and could certainly smile all the way home afterwards.

Setlist (incomplete):

Grailquest Gladiators
In For The Kill
Nameless Grave
Der König Von Thule
Holding Out For A Hero (Bonnie Tyler cover)
Moonlit Masquerade
Return To Castle Grailskull


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