Stengade 30, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Now this was what we came here for, and apparently we were not the only ones. All of a sudden, the place went from being half empty to completely filled up. I don't know if it was sold out or not, but it sure did look that way. Of course, Illdisposed were not a real part of the tour, they just did this one off show as a release party for their new album, The Prestige. So at this point I think it's time to salute them with a big thanks for all the free beer.

Speaking of beer, we in the audience were not the only ones drinking. Instead of your normal Evian bottles, Illdisposed had a full crate of beer delivered onto the stage, and they were determined to have it finished before the set was over. A feat which they did manage, if my memory doesn't deceive me.
So, what did we end up with? An audience drunk as hell, and a band that was in an even worse state. Which worked very well for the level of the jokes being said by frontman Bo Summer.
The music was, as always, an unrelenting and uncompromising mangling of eardrums, as the band delivered a brutal set of songs, old and new, with a majority taken from The Prestige and 2004's release 1-800 Vindication. The crowd, which made an impressively large moshpit considering the size of the place, loved every minute of it, and so did the band it seemed.

What was very surprising for me was the fact that Illdisposed weren't headlining the show, seeing as how it was their release party, and how most people undoubtedly had come to see them. Bo cleared this up for everyone though with two unarguable points. 1) They are from Aarhus; and 2) It was not their tour, they were only on loan. Well, there you have it, I suppose.


Let Go
Throw Your Bolts
Wake Up Dead
Purity Of Sadness / I Believe In Me
Weak Is Your God
Near The Gates
In Search Of Souls
Still Sane
Like Cancer

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