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General festival info - 2009:

About the place:

Sweden Rock Festival started out back in 1992 under the name Sommarfestivalen (The Summerfestival); later it moved and changed its name to Karlshamn Rock Festival. After another small relocation we entered 1999, and here the festival got its current name.
Sweden Rock Festival is now Sweden’s without comparison largest hardrock and metal festival. Together with the Sweden Rock Magazine and the online mail order business Sweden Rock Shop, it deals with all things metal, in every conceivable way.

Sweden Rock Festival has an impressive capacity of just below 80 artists spread over four days, and brings bands of all ages to the playbill; you shouldn’t be surprised to see your favourite upcomer shoulder to shoulder with bands which have existed longer than the members in the first one have been alive. The same goes for the 35000 persons in the audience, and with an average age of about 32, SRF can be described as more mature than many other festivals.
As a result of this, many older acts of hardrock and even blues which you might not see anywhere near these parts normally gladly visit Sweden Rock Festival, so if you are feeling nostalgic, this is the place to visit.
But even if your memory doesn’t stretch back more than to the late eighties or even shorter, you should not be afraid to visit the festival, as Sweden Rock has always done a good job in presenting new acts as well; even smaller unsigned acts who fit the profile have a chance here.

Another thing which can be of interest to point out is that Sweden Rock Festival prioritize their visitors comfort highly; there is the possibility to arrive with a caravan or mobile home, all distances are short in the festival area, water is free and the toilets are real.

Sweden Rock Festival is located in the southeast of Sweden, on the border of Skåne and Blekinge with a walking distance to the coast of the Baltic Sea on one side and the small township of Norje to the other.
Norje has a minor supermarket specially stocked to handle festival visitors, and there are also smaller dining places in town.
Apart from this Sweden Rock offers its own restaurant just between the festival area and the camping area, where it is also possible to visit Sweden Rock Shop in store.

The camping area is split up into a normal camping area with possibility for parking your car, a motorcycle camping and a caravan camping. There is also the possibility of renting a cottage by the beach, or getting a room in the nearby towns of Karlshamn and Sölvesborg, both about 14 km away and in Olofström which is about 25 km away (or about 30 minutes by shuttle bus). From all these places shuttle busses drive several times a day.

About travelling:

As I said, there are several shuttle busses driving from the towns closest to the festival, but there are also some long-way busses which drive to Sweden Rock, among others there is one from the north of Sweden and also one from Finland.

If train is your thing, the Swedish railways SJ have good connections to several of the larger towns in the festivals vicinity. If you choose to travel from Stockholm you might be so lucky as to get on the Rockklassiker tåget (Rockclassic train) which is one long warm-up party all the way to Sölvesborg, with live entertainment, competitions or just hanging out in the bar if that’s your thing.

There are two smaller air ports close to the festival; one in Ronneby to the east and one in Kristianstad to the south southwest. Both airports are located about 45 km from the festival area.
Should you need a larger airport, Kastrup in Copenhagen is an obvious choice as it is not very much further away than the other two, and has great train connections straight from the airport.

Should you on the other hand do as so many others, and take your car / motorcycle / caravan to the festival, it is easy to find as it is placed just by the side of the E22 highway. For closer map information, please visit Sweden Rock Festivals site here.

As a special, you even have the possibility to sail straight to the festival as Norje Boatclub offers docking places only 200 metres from the festival area itself. Not every festival has their own harbour, so this might be something to think about if you have the possibility. Again, more info can be found at the Sweden Rock festival site here.

About prices:

Sweden still has its own currency, the Swedish Krona (or SEK for short). The value of this is far below that of the Euro, so be aware that you might find yourself with a lot of cash on your hands.

On a note to this, you should know (if you don’t already) that Sweden has very strict regulations about the distribution of alcohol. Normal stores are only allowed to sell beers of 2,8 or 3,5 %, anything other and/or stronger than these beers are for the government alone to sell in special shops called Systembolaget, and since they have monopoly they can allow themselves to be very pricy.
Now, we here at Metalmoments do not encourage anyone to drink (at least not more than they can handle), but if it is your first time in Sweden this information might prove useful in deciding how to spend your hard earned cash.

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