General festival info - 2012:

About the place:

Rockharz is a metal festival placed just a little to the north-east of the very centre of Germany, in the vicinity of the town Ballenstedt. It is in fact placed at a small airfield, the Asmusstedt Airfield, but both camping and the festival area itself is still placed on a common dirt and grass field.
The festival has a capacity of 10000 visitors, and enough room not to feel crowded except for the most popular bands where it can’t be avoided.
Rockharz has two equally large stages, the Rock Stage and the Dark Stage, which are located next to each other, so there is no risk of bands overlapping, and you don’t have to move far if you wish to see it all.
Located opposite the stages are the metal market and the biergarten, where you can buy refreshments and food of various typical festival styles.

Shopping for the camping ground is best done in one of the stores in Ballenstedt, but be prepared that you will likely need either private transportation or take the bus as the festival is located some way outside the town, or about 3 km to be more precise.
If you just want something other than festival visitors and bands to watch, you can also hike up the hill next to the field where the festival is located and visit the Teufelsmauer (Devil’s Wall), which provides an excellent bird’s eye view of the surrounding area.

Rockharz is a very clean festival, both in the way of garbage handling (which of course is up to the visitors in the end), and in sanitation. There are several toilets and urinals around the place, always close at hand, and if this wasn’t enough you can also rent your own toilet for the duration of the festival which will be placed in your camp.
A shower garden is also available, for a small fee.

About travelling:

The easiest way is definitely to go by private transportation (car, caravan, motorcycle), and the festival is not too far off the E49, between Magdeburg and Halle.

However, should you rely on public transportation, the closest train station is in Quedlinburg which is not too far away, and easily accessible by bus during daytime hours I am told. For nearer information on how to reach Quedlinburg, I advise you to check out the German railway site, or use the link at the Rockharz site.
Even though the festival is located at an airfield, you cannot fly directly there. The closest airport is in Hanover, from where you can take a train the rest of the way.

About prices:

Rockharz has an early bird special on ticket prices; if ordered quickly, the first 666 tickets will go for 60 Euro, after which the ticket price will go up.
Only three-day tickets are available in pre-sale, and one-day tickets will only be made available depending on the sales of the three-day tickets.

Beers are 2.5 Euro for 30 cl., with a 50 cent deposit on the cup. Food varies depending on what you want, but you can get a decent meal for something between 3-5 Euros at the festival area.

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