Progpower Scandinavia

General festival info - 2009:

Progpower Scandinavia was a Nordic extension of the international Progpower festival family, which also includes a Progpower USA, Progpower Europe and formerly a Progpower UK, and it was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Progpower Scandinavia was around for two years, 2007 and 2008, and even though things had been seriously in motion for a third year in 2009, what with band bookings, advertisements and endorsement contracts in place, the festival management had to pull the plug for the festival in the end due to extremely low ticket sales. No further plans have been made to resurrect the festival in later years.

As the name alludes to, the festival concentrated mostly on purely progressive and progressive power metal, utilizing a largely international billing to attract people.
Both famous acts and less heard of bands visited the festival, with Firewind and Threshold headlining in 2007, Vanden Plas and Pain Of Salvation headlining in 2008, and Pretty Maids and Candlemass set for headlining in 2009. Other bands well worth mentioning, in our opinion, were Orphaned Land, Deadsoul Tribe, Pagan’s Mind and Mercenary, to name but a few.

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