General festival info - 2009:

About the place:

Metaltown is placed in Frihamnen, a small harbour in the heart of Gothenburg; and takes in 22000 guests.
Due to its location, there is little or no possibility for camping, even though it is a two-day festival. However, you are only about 20 minutes calm walking distance from the central-station, and the area holds several hotels and other sleeping possibilities.
You can get a very nice overview of the festival grounds from Götaälvbron, the high bridge running parallel to the area.
Being the second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg holds all the modern comforts you could ask for.

About travelling:

Metaltown is in walking distance of Gothenburg’s central-station, just across Göta Älv (the Göta River); however, should you not wish to walk across the bridge, there are plenty of opportunities to take a ride both with busses, trolleys and taxies.
There are two airports in close vicinity to Gothenburg, Säve to the north and Landvetter to the east.
Gothenburg also holds a large harbour, and a large train- and bus-station.
Should you go by car, there is a parking space next to the festival grounds, and several parking houses in close vicinity as well.

About prices:

A Metaltown 2-day ticket costs around 115 Euros.
At the festival grounds, food and drinks hold your average festival prices; should you go into town there are several dining and drinking places in all price-ranges. Remember that buying alcohol in Sweden is only possible in the state-run stores Systembolaget; where prices can be pretty steep if you are not prepared.
Also remember to bring some money for accommodations, as there is no camping ground at the festival.

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