General festival info - 2011:

About the place:

Metalfest has a unique structure, as it is a festival which takes place at three different locations at the same time, where the bands are shipped from the one to the other so that every festival has the same line-up, albeit different running orders. There is one in Germany, one in Austria and one in Switzerland; the one we’ve visited is the one located in Germany, hence the text should be seen as info about this particular location.
Metalfest also returns at a later date, where the locations are in Hungary and in the Czech Republic.

The festival is located just on the vicinity of Dessau, and that is the Dessau which is located to the south-west of Berlin and a little bit above Leipzig, putting it very close to the centre of Germany. Apparently Germany has many Dessau’s, so make sure you pick the right one if you navigate by GPS.
The actual festival area is located on a closed down airfield, which means that much of the ground in the festival area is paved with concrete, a good safe-guard against mud on a rainy day.
There are two stages, the main stage which is a ‘normal’ open air stage, and the second stage which is a large tent stage for smaller bands. Both stages are active at the same time, but does not interfere sound-ways, and band changes take no more than 20-30 minutes.
The food corner isn’t the biggest one around, but prices are fair, and there’s a variety of things to choose from.
The primary thing is that no matter where you are, you are still close to everything, and with about 10000 visitors the place doesn’t feel crowded.

About travelling:

If you go by car, your best option is to stick to the Autobahns. They may be longer but you’ll save much time this way. As mentioned before, just be sure to aim for the correct Dessau.
As the festival is located within the city-limits, train travel should also be a very viable option for you, where you most likely can take a local bus which will bring you the rest of the way.

About prices:

Metalfest has very reasonable prices for a festival of their size. Ticket prices are 90 Euro for a 3-day ticket, incl. parking and camping, and a 1-day ticket cost 40 Euro.
Prices inside the festival area are also acceptable, with food ranging from 2,5 Euro to about 6, and beer cost 3 Euro for a cup.

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