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General festival info - 2009:

About the place:

Metalcamp is located in a beautiful spot in the Slovenian mountains close to the river Soca. In close vicinity to the festival- and camping area lies the town Tolmin, no more than a few minutes away by foot. The town is filled with restaurants, pizza (best ones in the world by our account) and a well stocked supermarket.
All people are kind, and happy to help all of us half-drunk, half-bewildered foreigners. Language has not been a problem for us, since all the people we have encountered have had no problem conversing in English.

About travelling:

We have been to Metalcamp for some years now, and have tried two different ways of travel to get us there.
The first year we used Festivalbussen, a Swedish bus company driving metalheads to several different festivals in Europe. This was a very convenient way to go, since we had been a bit worried about things like distance and how to find our way. By getting on a bus, we could just leave all such worries in someone else's hands, and just sit back and enjoy the ride. This let us take in the scenes of the country site, of which there are many along the road.
The second year we had a few more festivals we were going to visit, and therefore we opted for the car instead, as it gave us a bit more freedom as to times and such. Since we had taken the bus the year before, we had the advantage of being able to recognize several spots along the way, and so we had no problem finding our way.

About prices:

Well, compared to Denmark, where we come from, prices are most agreeable, and we have no problem surviving with all the comforts we could hope for during the whole festival, and beyond. Oh, and since the Danish crown is less worth than the Euro, I would guess that other countries won't have any complaints either.

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