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About the place:

Malmö Festivalen is, as the name suggests, located in Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, which in turn is placed in the very south of Sweden, just bordering on Denmark and Copenhagen.
Malmö Festivalen is an annual all city festival with various genres of music represented and other types of entertainment as well, and it is open for a whole week at a time. In addition to this, there is no admittance fee, and the stages are located throughout the city in different town squares and parks. Food and drink tents, as well as restaurants and bars, are placed all over but it is important to remember that Sweden has a ban on drinking in public areas, so if you wish to enjoy your beer you need to stay inside the designated areas for this.
As it is an open and spread out festival without a specific festival area, there is no camping ground either. If you come from far, you need to get a room at a hotel or hostel, unless you have the opportunity to secure other living arrangements.
Malmö Festivalen is a family friendly activity, but that has not stopped them from booking bands such as Entombed, Mayhem and Nifelheim in the past, so even for a diehard metal fan it should be possible to locate something worthwhile.

About travelling:

Malmö is a harbour town with two major international airports (Sturup, Malmö and Kastrup, Copenhagen) in very close vicinity, and it has the Öresunds bridge connecting it quickly to Denmark and in extension Europe with both railroads and major highways, so pretty much any way you want to travel, Malmö is easily accessible.
Being Sweden’s third largest city, it also contains a number of options for staying the night in all quality and price ranges. If there is something in particular in interest, the best bet is to visit a local travel agent or tourist office and they should be able to answer all questions asked.

About prices:

Malmö Festivalen is a tax-funded festival, and thus there is no admittance fee for anything – concerts and other types of shows are completely free of charge.
As food, drinks and certain types for entertainment (for example rides at the carnival) do cost money, it is worth knowing that Sweden has its own currency, svenska kronor (Swedish crowns), and thus any international visitor should remember to bring a credit card or exchange some money.

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