Magic Circle Festival

General festival info - 2009:

About the place:

Magic Circle Festival is heading towards its fourth year in existence, and in that time it has been held in two different locations.
For its two first years in existence, it was held at an old flight base in Bad Arolsen, central Germany; in 2009 it relocated to the scenic surroundings of the amphitheatre in Loreley next to the Rhine River in Germany.
For 2010 it is scheduled for the first time to take place outside of Germany; here it will move to Tolmin, Slovenia, the same place which holds the Metalcamp festival.

About travelling:

As the festival moves around so much it isn’t possible to give a set way of travelling there, so your best choice would be to go to the festival's official website and check their info.
For closer info on travelling to Tolmin, Slovenia, you can also check out the Metalcamp section here at Metalmoments; as they take place in the same location, the same travelling advice will hold true.

About prices:

Magic Circle Music and Magic Circle Festival have made it a goal to have a very fair price for the festival ticket; the 2010 ticket cost 60 Euros.
Inside the festival food and beer also hold fair prices, and for the one year Metalmoments have visited so far, even free beer was handed out at several occasions. Here you can spend all your hard earned cash directly on merchandise from your favourite bands without having to worry about the bare essentials.

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