House Of Metal

General festival info - 2017:

About the place:

House Of Metal is a Swedish festival, located in the north-eastern town of Umeå.
It is an indoor festival, held at the Umeå community hall. It is a building of several floors, and the three stages are placed in different areas of this building. Idun is the largest stage, with a floor level, seated tribunes in the back, and a balcony. Studion is the middle stage, considerably smaller than Idun, but good for a more intimate feel. This only has a floor for the audience, and a bar in an adjacent room. The smallest stage is a house-band sized stage in the restaurant area, called Äpplet.
There is a small metal marketplace in the lobby as well as in the first floor hallway, and an official booth selling festival shirts and band merchandise from the bands playing the festival.

The community hall is placed in the very centre of Umeå. A small 10 minute walk from the train station, many hotels of varying comfortability and price are also in walking distance, the closest one right across the street.
Supermarkets and restaurants, fine and fast both, are also close at hand, although as this is Sweden you should remember to visit Systembolaget if you want something to drink. Which, by the way, is also right around the corner.

Due to the time of the festival, expect the town and surrounding areas to be covered in snow. There are still different activities you can visit if you need something to do before the festival doors open. Umeå offers several nature trails, winter sports, and an open air museum called Gammlia.

About travelling:

As mentioned above, the central train station of Umeå is within short walking distance.
There is a small airport close by, in the southern part of town. It receives domestic flights only, mainly from Stockholm.
Driving is of course also a possibility, but beware that snow and ice can be heavy in this area, so remember to polish your winter driving skills.

About prices:

First of all, Sweden has its own currency, and is not part of the €, so remember to get some local money with you. It’s always good to have at hand, even if most major credit cards should work as well.
Ticket prices are 380 SEK (40 €) for 1 day tickets and 700 SEK (74 €) for 2 day tickets.
The bars at the community hall offer up a wide variety of beer at varying prices, but as it is Sweden, don’t expect to find them cheap.

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