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General festival info - 2013:

About the place:

Graspop (or Graspop Metal Meeting as the full name goes) is one of Europe’s most famous metal festivals, and it is located in Dessel, Belgium, not far from the Dutch border.
Even though it started out as a normal family festival, it changed direction to metal in 1996 and has kept that course ever since, growing larger as time went by.
Compared to other large metal festivals, like Sweden Rock and Wacken, Graspop features a much larger selection of modern metal bands, leaving a large place on its billing for the trend of the time, without completely letting go of more classic acts. With the reputation the festival has grown into, they have no problem booking the very largest of acts as headliners.
Graspop has a camping ground for tents in close vicinity to the festival area, but if you go 1 kilometre away, they offer the Graspop Metal Town, a place where tents are also allowed, but in addition to this there are huts for rent and parking space for motor-homes and caravans.

About travelling:

The festival is, as mentioned, located in Dessel which is close both to major cities in Belgium, Holland and Germany, and thus easily accessible with public transportation of various kinds, the fastest and cheapest (according to the festival) of which is the train. Each e-festival ticket is entitled to one free e-train ticket.
Shuttle busses travel regularly between the festival and the close-by city of Mol, where the nearest train-station is located.
If you travel by car or motor-cycle, the festival recommends that you make use of a GPS until you begin to see festival signs. These are put up to spread traffic out to avoid traffic-jams when going to and from the festival.
Parking (indoor) for motorcycles is limited and reservations are mandatory.

About prices:

Belgium use Euro, which makes it easy for most Europeans to travel there without having to think about changing currency.
The ticket prices range from €160 for a combo ticket to €80 for one-day tickets, with an additional €15 for camping. Since it’s been a few years since Metalmoments visited Graspop, we cannot give a true account of the prices for food and drinks inside the festival.

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