Epic Fest

General festival info - 2023:

About the place:

Epic Fest is Denmark's first and premium festival dedicated to the sweet tones of power metal.
It's an indoor festival, placed in the venerable concert hall of Gimle in Roskilde.

Epic Fest attracts bands and audience from all over the world, promising an event full of experiences - two days of concerts, games and roleplaying, metal disco, and a tavern.
The Raven Tavern is open most of the day and long into the night, and delivers a special food and drinks menu made specifically for the festival. It also holds the specially brewed Epic Fest beer.
Concerts are conducted in the main hall of Gimle, and the Power Club metal disco keep the party going downstairs after the bands are done with specially invited DJ's, well versed in the melodic and epic end of metal.
Visitors also have the opportunity to send in requests for the special voters created playlist that will be heard in The Raven Tavern and in the concert hall between bands.

About travelling:

Gimle, and thus Epic Fest, is located in the town of Roskilde, which is a central hub with lots of good travel connections.
Be aware if you drive, parking is limited and only available in the surrounding neighbourhood.
On the other hand, both bus and train connections are highly available, and as Gimle is only slightly over 1 km away from Roskilde station, walking or indeed taxi should also be a good option.

About prices:

A two day ticket is 595 Danish kroner, which is approximately €79 or $88.
Food and drinks cost what is to be expected in Denmark, reasonable though not cheap. As far as I know, there are no ATM's in the direct surroundings, so stock up on local currency beforehand, or simply use a card for payment.

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