Earthshaker Festival

Earthshaker Festival 2005

General festival info - 2005):

The Earthshaker festival was one of the many German heavy metal festivals around.
It first saw the light of day in 2003, and the final festival was held in Kreuth, Bavaria between July 19-21 in 2007; the year we visited it was held in Geiselwind between July 21-23.
The big event for this year was that it simultaneously hosted the first international Manowar Fan Convention, which had an event hall all to itself directly adjacent to the festival area.

The market place was limited in size, but as the festival was placed at a big truck-stop, there were all sorts of food places outside the festival, thus giving more room to shirts, albums and other stuff. Prices were pretty normal as far as I recollect, but as there was both a McDonalds and a Burger King, cheap food was easy to find, and the bar prices within the Manowar event hall (you needed special fan convention access for this) were favourable, as were their open hours.

Earthshaker hosted a range between large to mid-sized names, and as there were only two stages, you did not run into running order double bookings.

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