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General festival info - 2003:

2000 Decibel was a Swedish metal festival located in Bengtsfors, a small town approx. 150 kilometres north of Gothenburg; or more precisely at the top of a mountain in the middle of great wild woods of Sweden.
This of course meant that you would have a splendid panorama of nature while looking out over your surroundings, but it also meant that even though the festival took place in May it could get mighty cold. Snow and hail was not unheard of during the concerts, but sunshine snuck in as well (for the most of the time).
Luckily, since the festival was placed in a Swedish public park, the stages were designed for use and although there were no walls, there was still a roof covering most of the audience area.

2000 Decibel had a clear goal and principle; they were to pay tribute to the vast amount of native hard-rock and metal bands by only hiring Swedish acts for the festival.
With the large amount of music hailing from Sweden, the festival had no problem filling the bill smaller up-and-coming acts as well as real headline quality artists.

2000 Decibel had an indoor eating and drinking area, whereas the usual metal-market took place in tents outside the way it normally goes.
There was also a booth for meet-n-greet sessions with the performing artists, and a stand for official merchandise.
For the most of its existence, 2000 Decibel was a one-day affair except for 2004 where it ran over two days, with camping in the nearby woods where there was a small clearing.

Due to financial difficulties, the board had to pull the plug on the festival in January 2005, after a benefit festival called 200000 Decibel, performed within Gothenburg, failed to raise enough money to support an ongoing festival.
2000 Decibel ran from 2000 to 2004; a total of five executed festivals.

To this day, no other festival (to our knowledge) has picked up the heritage left behind…

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