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General festival info - 2011:

About the place:

Copenhell is situated in Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark. More precisely, it is located in an old industrial area somewhere between the airport (Kastrup) and the centre of the town, thus making it easily accessible both for local visitors as well as those who travel far. A bus ride from the main station takes about half an hour, and extra busses are running all through the night and day during the festival days.
There is also a parking lot for cars, but spaces are limited so check out the possibilities fast if this holds your interest. Instead of this, you might want to check out the possibilities for taking a bicycle. The festival has a very large bicycle parking just outside the entrance, and Copenhagen is in general a very good town for bicycling.

Copenhell has only one camping area, and this has tents already put up which you can rent for your stay. The tents are for two, and the price is the same whether you want your own or share it with a friend or loved one; it is not possible to bring your own tent. On the other hand, the rent also includes free showers, two sixpacks of beer and breakfast both days of the festival (the breakfast is delivered to your tent). You are also free to take the tent with you when you leave.

Copenhell has two large outdoor stages, one main and one a bit smaller, and also a smaller stage for new and upcoming bands.
There is a covered biergarten with a DJ, and there is also a free cinema inside one of the old factory buildings.
As the festival is located in an old industrial area, far most of the ground is flat concrete, which is good for disabled visitors as well as wet weather. There is a small grassy incline opposite the stages where you can sit down and rest your feet if this picks your fancy.

About travelling:

As mentioned, Copenhell is located within a mayor metropolitan city, so all forms of travel should be easy enough to figure out.
It lies between Kastrup, Copenhagen’s airport, and the town centre with only a few kilometres to either one. To get to the festival site you either need to find personal transport, or take bus-line 40, which has extra coaches running during the festival days and nights.

About prices:

First of all, Denmark does not make use of Euro, but has its own currency, which you should remember to change for. There is also the possibility of getting money at the site with MasterCard, VISA and some more. Check out the festival site for more info on this.
A two-day ticket cost 595 DKR (Danish crowns), which is approx. 80 Euro or 110 USD; it is not possible to get a one-day ticket.
The price for camping, including a tent, two sixpacks of beer and breakfast for two days, is 895 DKR or approx. 120 Euro or 165 USD, and remember that you can split this price with a friend.
Car-parking at the site cost 50 DKR, approx. 6.5 Euro or 9 USD.

Prices for food and drinks inside the festival area are what you could expect at a Danish festival, i.e. a bit more pricy than what you would get abroad, but not overpriced in comparison with what you would pay at a Danish bar or concert hall.
Inside the festival, you may buy coupons for beer or drinks. However, this is not necessary as you can also pay with money in the bars; there is a little bonus though, as you get one free coupon every time you buy ten (must be bought at the same time).

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