Brutal Assault

General festival info - 2010:

About the place:

Brutal Assault is located in the north of the Czech Republic, or more precisely in an old army fortress named Josefov near the town of Jaromer. This is about 130 km east of Prague.
There are three forms of camping possible; either if you find a place where you can put your tent up by your car (you are not allowed to bring your car to the normal campground), you can use the normal campground in short walking distance of the festival grounds, or finally you can get into the special campground located next to the normal one, but hosting an increased amount of lights and security.

The close surroundings are pretty empty, but there are a few minor bars and restaurants. Most of your shopping will probably take place within the festival grounds however, where there are several stands to choose from and the variety is big.

About travelling:

We’ve only gone to Brutal Assault using car, and here we made good use of a GPS; however, if you are good with reading map instructions, this should probably also work fine. You should remember that for driving in the Czech Republic, you will require a highway coupon (7 days for approx. 8 Euros), which you can pick up at the borders, tank stations and post offices.

If you choose to travel by train or bus, there is a Czech site (also in English and German) which can help you plan your route, called
The closest train-station is 20 minutes walking distance from the festival, and the bus is about 30 minutes away, according to the Brutal Assault site.

Brutal Assault have arranged a taxi service called “BA Taxi”, which runs for a fixed price of approx. 20 Euros between the festival and Hradec Kralove, the nearest larger city. Phone numbers for the taxi can be found at Brutal Assault’s site.
Remember that the official taxis will be marked “Official Taxi Brutal Assault 2010”.

Some countries offer bus-trips directly to the festival; you can check the Brutal Assault site, or with your local metal know-it-all’s if there is one running close to you.

About prices:

As Brutal Assault is located in Eastern Europe, prices are very fair for us westerners, no matter if it is food, drinks, or merchandise you are looking for.
Consider, half a liter of ice-cold, excellent Czech beer for 1 Euro, this should be reason enough for travelling to this festival! (=price from 2009)

Ticket prices are a cheap deal as well, in our opinion.
3-day tickets cost approx. 45 Euros until the end of April, after which they will rise to approx. 49 Euros in presale.
If you should choose to pay at the door, the price is approx. 59 Euros, but the festival recommends against this as camp and festival size is limited.

The Czech Republic still use its own currency, known as CZK, but at the festival Euros are also applicable.
Inside the festival grounds, you buy coupons which you use as currency in the food and bar tents; this way you won’t have to carry too much money around with you.

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