Benátská Noc

Benátská Noc - 2007

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General festival info - 2007):

About the place:

Benátská Noc is a music festival located in the Czech Republic, which hosts mostly domestic bands and some from neighboring Eastern European lands, with a few western bands visiting as well.
The size of the bands reaches from established international artists all the way down to local cover bands, and from most of the musical genres, so variety is a given fact.
Inside the festival there is the traditional market place, but with some untraditional wares for sale. Here we go all the way from your common band-merchandise to gardening tractors(!)
There is also a small fun-fair connected to the festival, where you can try your hands on sumo-wrestling and body-surfing among other things, should the music get too tiresome.

The official camping was not too large the year we visited, but on the other hand, there seemed to be no problem putting your tent up outside of this. Honestly, I saw tents in people’s gardens, and in the middle of roundabouts!
The town where it’s located didn’t seem too big, so most shopping will probably happen inside the festival area.

About travelling:

We went by car, and we didn’t have any trouble finding the place this way.
It did seem a bit off the map though, so if you choose bus/train/flight, I’m not sure how well connected the town is. Better check their website, or write and ask the promoters.

About prices:

As mentioned, Benátská Noc is located in the Czech Republic, meaning Eastern Europe, meaning nice deals for westerners like ourselves.
Beer, food, tickets; they are all quite agreeable.

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