KB, Malmö - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

As contrary to the day before in Copenhagen, this time Zonaria went on first and Degradead were playing second place as they were warming up for Satyricon.
And as another contrary, they hadn’t put up the side panels of their stage show which we had seen the day before, but on the other hand they had gotten their own backdrop up, which looked real nice. Don’t know why that hadn’t been used in the other place..?

As they were first on stage here, the hall was pretty empty as they came on after a short intro and began to play, but they still did manage to get a few raised arms out of the people who had shown up. And a very pleasant surprise was also that their sound was by far better than it had been the other day; here you could hear them all playing. It wouldn’t have hurt if it was a bit louder, but I think quality comes first so I’m not complaining.
As always they delivered a dynamic show with as much movement as the crowded stage would allow. I did miss the part where Emil Nyström joins the crowd on the floor while playing guitar; but then again there was a photopit here at KB which is something they don’t use at The Rock, so I’m pretty sure it would have been hard for him to pull it off with any success. Still, both he and Markus Åkebo (bass) made good use of the short catwalks KB have to offer on their stage, whereas Simon Berglund stayed by his microphone for most of the time.

The best responses from the crowd came with The Black Omen and At War With The Inferior; and the audience both grew and loosened up as the (much too short) set lasted.
Yet again, Zonaria really delivered; sadly there were just not very many to receive…


From The Abysmal Womb
The Armageddon Anthem
The Black Omen
Praise The Eradication
At War With The Inferior
Rendered In Vain

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