Zebadiah Crowe

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The first band to support Vader this evening was something completely new to me; Gilla Bruja. Or so I thought; I mean, this was what had been announced, and I had heard no word of any changes. Fact of the matter is, Gilla Bruja had to, because of some label issues, cancel their show and be replaced by Zebadiah Crowe, a black metal band with essentially the same members as in Gilla Bruja. There you go.

As I said Zebadiah Crowe gave us a dose of fast-beating evil black metal, but alas, there were not many who had shown up to enjoy it with them. The few who had were either placed up on the balcony or sitting on the benches up against the wall. Not much life here, I'm afraid.
The Horrid (a.k.a. Paul 'The Wilda Beast' March, vocals and bass) made some attempts at making contact and speak to the audience, but as he spoke still using his grim voice it was pretty impossible to get what he was trying to say. This, of course, resulted in a not too enthusiastic crowd; but then again, the crowd at The Rock can be pretty hard for a support act to liven up, especially so when it is one which isn't as of yet very well known.
So, better luck next time guys.

Zebadiah Crowe

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