Vega, Copenhagen - 2014

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Since While She Sleeps opened the night, it fell upon the Americans in Wovenwar to deliver the final warm-up session for the audience before it was time for In Flames to hit the stage. After the powerful delivery of While She Sleeps, was Wovenwar up to the task of getting the crowd sweatier still?

“We’re called Wovenwar, who here has heard of before? (points to someone in the front) I know you have!”
- Shane Blay (vocals/guitar)

If you haven’t heard about Wovenwar before, don’t sweat it, they are a very new band which formed just last year 2013. After vocalist Tim Lambesis came down with a serious case of the stupid, the rest of his band mates in As I Lay Dying felt it was time to move on, and teamed up with Shane Blay (formerly Oh, Sleeper), and thus Wovenwar was born.
Given the popularity of the former band, I would have figured that the response from the crowd would have been louder than the few spread shouts as the band entered indicated, but that was apparently not the case. Well, they still had their concert to go, maybe they would be able to win over some more fans as they played. Maybe it was the outspoken Christianity of the former band (not sure if this a subject they weigh in on with Wovenwar) that didn’t sit well with the jaded Danish crowd, or more likely they were just out of breath after the While She Sleeps gig.

Wovenwar’s performance didn’t lack in anything though. They were a lively bunch of people, even though it didn’t take long to realize that this band spent more time perfecting their melodies and harmonies instead of the stage acrobatics that While She Sleeps had nailed down as their trademark. With three guitarists in the band and two vocalists, Blay and bassist Josh Gilbert, there was plenty of room for harmonising, and although the sound of Vega didn’t let it all come through it was still pretty darn good if you stepped a bit back from the stage. A comparison to As I Lay Dying is inevitable, but with the lack of the harsh screaming style of vocals provided by Lambert, as well as giving more weight to the melodies, Wovenwar presented a decidedly softer sound, giving it more of an alternative rock/metal feel, whatever that is.

“For this next one I need one word from you – hey! (hey) Yeah, you know it!”
- Josh Gilbert (vocals/bass)

Wovenwar was also softer in their approach than While She Sleeps had been, and thus it wasn’t surprising to see a calmer crowd at their gig. This didn’t mean they had no response though, as it only took one request from Gilbert in their second song to get a large amount of the crowd to jump in place. A fair bit of headbanging happened during their heaviest song, Identity, and the final song of the night, the calmer Prophet, saw the Copenhagen crowd bring out their lighters and mobiles for some ambient lighting all on their own.

Without knocking me off my feet, Wovenwar managed to fall more in favour with me than While She Sleeps had, based on musical direction alone. This is a modern soundtrack for the angsty teenager, and apparently that appealed to me. Go figure.
It didn’t get us sweaty though, they’ll have to work a bit more on that part.


All Rise
Death To Rights
The Mason
Matter Of Time


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