House Of Metal - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The last day of House Of Metal was lined with first time experiences for me. Many of the bands I knew about in one way or the other, but I hadn’t actually heard their music, much less seen them live.
Wolf was one of these, and they were now readying the Studion stage for an animalistic attack of heavy metal.

“You feel alright? That’s good! So, should we play some metal, or what?!”
- Simon Johansson (guitar)

Wolf displayed a serious amount of energy straight from the start. Already from the beginning of the first (real) song, Shark Attack, the musicians hurried around all over stage, posed together and alone, and reached out for the crowd in every way possible.
The music, which on quick judgement reminded me of good old German speed metal, of course lent itself perfectly to this kind of powerful and energetic performance.
That Wolf was a popular signing to the festival was also evident in the immediately large crowd. Sure, this wasn’t the large main stage, but it was the most populated show I had seen this far, on this day. And the most energetic crowd as well. In saying that the band was on top straight from the start, I should certainly add that the audience was right there with them. Arms were raised, and so were voices. This was after all music that lent itself to some epic sing-along moments, and since the latest album of the band, Devil Seed (from which Shark Attack was taken), is already three years old, everyone who was interested would have had plenty of time to become familiar with the material.

“We know many of you had something strong to drink yesterday, but it would be fucking awesome for us if you would shout along on the next one!”
- Niklas ‘Viper’ Stålvind (vocals/guitar)

It was mostly frontman Stålvind’s job to entertain the audience between songs, but he didn’t mind letting his bandmates getting a word in as well when they wanted to. This, in combination with the way they performed together, gave me the impression of a band that was built on solidarity and a common love for their job.
This in turn, in combination with Wolf putting on one hell of a show, put me in a really good mood. I will not claim that finally having a beer at the actual show didn’t work it’s magic as well of course (still not sure if this was actually allowed, or just a lucky oversight), but Wolf delivered the goods.
Another positive fact was also that, even though the band had put it in overdrive as early as the first song, they didn’t let up as the show moved along. Wolf kept up the intensity throughout, and so did a large section of the crowd. I believe that the only thing that could have lifted this show further, was if I had known the material beforehand, instead of this being my first meeting with their music. On the other hand, with Wolf following the genre standard in song building, most of the songs were easy enough to pick up on as they were played, that even a novice as myself could sing along to the choruses in only a short time.
One thing that confused me though, why did Stålvind keep on talking about memories from having played here 17 years ago, when this was only the 11th time the festival played?


Oveture In C Shark
Shark Attack
The Bite
My Demon
Hail Caesar
I Will Kill Again
Evil Star
In The Shadow Of Steel
Skull Crusher
Speed On

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