What Worms Inherit

Beta, Copenhagen - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The young (or new at least) Danish band What Worms Inherit had been chosen as the support for grind legends Lock Up as they visited Beta in Copenhagen. An odd choice perhaps, but there you go...

The reason I say it was an odd choice is simply because their different approaches to music; as I already mentioned (and as you probably already knew) Lock Up is an exemplary grindcore band, whereas I, upon hearing them here for the first time, didn’t really know what to call What Worms Inherit. Words like melodic, heavy riffing and core were jotted down on my notepad; if you go by what the band itself calls it we were listening to progressive groove metal, which might just about cover it...
Anyway, all genres aside, how was the evening then?

”If you feel like moving its ok, you can only look half as dumb us up here on the stage!”
- Lasse Skov (vocals)

Well, yes. Quite.
Not a lot of people had shown up to check What Worms Inherit out; whether they weren’t here at all, or just sitting outside with beers I couldn’t say at this moment, but there were not much more than a handful or two of people in the actual concert hall (well, hall might sound a bit too grand, given Beta is one of the smallest concert places I know), and the people who were there weren’t exactly supportive of their native brethren, if you know what I mean...
Or put in other words, people were just idly standing by as one song after the other was smashed into their faces. It was only between songs that some spread applause could be heard gently echoing off the walls as if someone had dropped a coin down an abandoned well; even when Skov tried to engage the audience a bit more by asking if anyone liked Lock Up, he only got a few timid yes’ as response..

So was this lack of response due to an uninteresting performance and/or bad music qualities?
I would have to say no on both accounts here.
Even though the band really didn’t have much space to move around on as the stage in itself is pretty small, and they on top of that had to fight for space with no less than two drumkits (Lock Up’s was already in place and instead of sharing, What Worms Inherit had to play on their own which was shoved into the corner), the band worked well with what they had.
Bassist Simon Nedenskov Madsen and guitarist Kenneth Nielsen were both headbanging away when not concentrating too much on their playing, but it was definitely Skov that proved the definite frontman and most obvious eye-catcher with his lively antics and his bodily immersion into the vibe of the music. He also had a dedication for all the lovely girls present (?), although I don’t know how well received it ended up being on account of the title – Gynocide (I Kill Sluts For Fun)...

Even though What Worms Inherit didn’t hit home with me stylistically, I do give them credit for
1) Working their asses off in a less than friendly environment.
2) Doing their thing very well; even though it wasn’t to my taste there was no denying their technical knowhow when it came to handling themselves.
I believe this was simply a matter of being the wrong band at the wrong show. Given the right circumstances (read crowd), I believe What Worms Inherit might really kick some ass...


Socially Transferred Diseases (STD)
Heroes Burn Black
While On Your Knees
Pre-Natal Rights
Gynocide (I Kill Sluts For Fun)

What Worms Inherit

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