Warrior Soul

Halmtorvet 9, Copenhagen - 2018

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

An old favourite of Lunah’s was visiting Copenhagen, and we weren’t about to miss it! The band was Warrior Soul, which basically is vocalist/frontman Kory Clarke, and assorted musicians.

“Kom igen nu, danskjävlar!”
- Rille Lundell (guitar)

Well, when I say assorted, I will confess that I recognised a couple of them - Rille Lundell (guitar) and Janne Jarvis (bass), both of whom we’ve previously seen with the band, as you can see in our previous reviews here at the site. However, if you check out the band’s history online, different sites will give you different informations about who’s presently in the band, but they all agree that these two gentlemen aren’t. Slightly confusing, if you ask me. Or could it be that Clarke is using different members depending on where he’s playing, geographically? That could be an odd yet interesting way to go about it.
Apart from that, Michael Branagh was on drums, and there was a second guitarist, American I believe, but I couldn’t figure who he was - hit me up, if you know! (edit: he's Swedish and called Daniel Kjölsrud. Thanks to Dennis Post for the info!)

On stage though, that’s where the magic was happening. After that surprisingly powerful support by Flush The Fashion, Warrior Soul really had to be at the top of their game to follow, and surpass. As it turned out, they bloody well were! Clarke was all smiles and seemingly in a great mood - he was physical and rocking out, as well as delivering vocally.
Contrasting him was Jarvis, who was the main backup vocalist - he had more of a sour face on, getting his aggression out through the music. No, I don’t think he was in a bad mood, quite the contrary, he just had a different way of delivering, that’s all. Jarvis had a bit of technical issues with his bass sound falling out throughout the show, but this didn’t seem to affect him. When it died, he just kept rocking on anyway, props for that!
Both guitarists were rocking out hard as well. There wasn’t too much space on the stage for the unnamed one, being squished a bit between Jarvis and the speakers, but both he and Lundell made it work. Lundell had the space, but had a recurring problem with his guitar strap slipping off, and having it fixed by the guys in Flush The Fashion, who were now in front of the stage, rocking out with the rest of us.
Branagh kept the beat nice and hard, but didn’t manage to burn through performance ways quite as much as the people in front of him.

“There’s energy in the room tonight, what’s going on?!”
- Kory Clarke (vocals)

The crowd on the other hand, still not so great in numbers, got into the music from the get-go. The front end of the room was definitely more crowded now, and people were happily moving to the music and singing along to the old choruses. This isn’t hardcore music, and as such, it wasn’t the wildest crowd we’ve ever seen, but you really can’t compare two so different things like that. The love of the band could be felt in the participation, and in the shouts and applause they were getting between songs. Apparently, Warrior Soul had more fans here than I realized, which was definitely a good thing.
About halfway through the set, Ass-Kickin’ was played, and that definitely helped turn the party up a notch in the audience, as well as the subsequent Love Destruction. Our real highlight however, came in finally hearing the power ballad The Losers, a song Lunah’s been waiting to hear live since she first heard about the band, and also the first song she used to introduce me to Warrior Soul back in the day. A moment of release, and enjoyment peaking.

As we were nearing the end, there was the mandatory leaving the stage before the encore tracks, but even here the band showed an unusual level of humour. Our as of yet unnamed guitarist joined the crowd in front of the stage, helping in shouting the band back on. Then, when the musicians (well, most of them) were finally in place, we had to do another shout-out, in order to get Jarvis back as well. Apparently, he had snuck out through the main entrance for a smoke, and had to go through the crowd to get back on the stage. Great moments you just can’t plan for.

Looking back at my previous reviews, it strikes me that this band has always exceeded my expectations. The problem here, was that it’s been so long, I had forgotten how good they really are, and thus, they easily managed to outdo my expectations once again. Nothing against Halmtorvet 9, which was a great place, but this band deserves a larger following and a larger stage. Kory Clarke is still kickin’ ass!


American Idol
I Get Fucked Up
Back On The Lash
Burning Bridges
Bad news (Rock ‘N’ Roll Boyfriend)
Rocket Engines
Generation Graveyard
Love Destruction
The Wasteland
Punk And Belligerent
The Losers
Jump For Joy
The Drug
Rotten Soul
Fuck The Pigs

Warrior Soul

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