Metaldays - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

I might as well begin with a confession. I don’t know Vreid all that well. There, I said it.
On that note, it should also be known that I always have a notion of them being good, and whenever I notice them playing somewhere where we are, I want to see them. Metaldays 2015 was no exception.

“Metaldays, are you ready for war? Are you ready for metal? Are you ready to be disciplined?!”
- Sture Dingsøyr (vocals/guitar)

The main stage had still not been able to attract a large crowd, but those who had shown up were eagerly awaiting this Norwegian quartet, and greeted them with shouts as they entered the stage.
The show was quickly shot into motion, and already during the second song, The Reap, Vreid could easily command the Metaldays fans into doing their bidding. Arms and voices were raised, and the angry black metal was well complimented by vox populi.
On the stage, frontman Sture Dingsøyr didn’t look like he was on top of his game this day however, he actually had a rather blank expression while delivering the songs, and didn’t speak much between them.
The rest of the band made up for it though, as they looked vital, and seemed to be enjoying the situation to the fullest!

As I mentioned, Vreid had a warm welcome already from the beginning, but it seemed like they needed a little time to warm up to it. The further we came into the set, the better the band was, and the delivery was more spot on towards the end, whereas it had been dragging a little in the beginning.
This of course reflected in the crowd, a place that also got wilder by the minute. Ok, so it wasn’t an insane crowd, like the ones we’d seen at some of the headliners, but Vreid certainly got their fair share of love from Slovenia.

I for one was strengthened in my belief that I need to see these guys whenever I can, and that they deserve the props they get. I just wish they had warmed up a bit more before going on stage, so the whole thing could have been as good as the end was. That’s something to look forward to till next time.

Setlist (incomplete):

The Reap
Væpna Lengsel
Eldast, Utan Å Gro
Raped By Light
Pitch Black

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