Brutal Assault - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Let me just start by saying that I am probably not the right person to give a true account of Vomitory’s concert.
Vomitory is just about as far away from anything I like that you could ever get, and therefore my review of their show may be a little tainted by this.

The Swedish death metal quartet Vomitory, who incidentally celebrated their 20th anniversary this very year, was playing the Metalshop Stage early in the afternoon. Now, I don’t know if the complete lack of life the band was displaying was hangover induced, or if this was just their normal stage behaviour (the one is as likely as the other I suppose), but it did nothing good for the show if you ask me. Their singer/bassist Erik Rundquist looked like he had just been placed in front of the microphone and didn’t move an inch throughout the concert; he didn’t even headbang so much so that his hair left the front of his face where it was idly hanging!
The only saving grace of the performance was guitarist Peter Östlund, who was displaying at least a bit of joy at being here at Brutal Assault and playing. Luckily, he had been chosen as spokesman for the band in between songs; had it been one of the others I fear the whole affair would have been one dreary mess from start to finish…

Now, as I said, I’m actually not the right one to judge this kind of concert, and admittedly the crowd around me did shout approvingly between songs, and a Slovenian metalhead who I happened to speak to told me he liked it a lot as well.
However, for this reporter, this show will still be remembered as the second worst gig I have ever witnessed.

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