Copenhell - 2019

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

I don’t remember ever hearing about Vltimas prior to them being placed on Copenhell’s billing, and yet here they were, closing down the first full day of the festival. That’s a pretty heavy spot to get.
I may not have heard about the band, but apparently I knew at least some of the musicians behind it - David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel), Rune ‘Blasphemer’ Eriksen (ex-Mayhem), and Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy).

After a symphonic, and not to say bombastic intro music (72 Virgins), the band took the Hades stage in their possession. Vincent reminded me of Fields Of The Nephilim, the way he was dressed in a Stetson hat and long dust coat. It surprised me that he had relinquished the bass in order to only do the singing in the band. Bass duties, as well as second guitar, were handled by stand-in live musicians, but they handled themselves well, and had their place in the performance.
Overall, the performance was good. It was very much left up to Vincent to create an atmosphere and pull in the crowd, both things that he did with admirable results.

There hadn't been too many waiting for the band as they came on, but as soon as they began playing, people started flocking around, and after a short while the crowd had grown respectably.Not only that, but it was ready for action. A highly impressive mosh- turn circlepit played out not too far into the show, and the action kept going from there till the very end.
Of course, Vincent had a lot of fun, and was really egging people on at every given opportunity.

I had an idea I’d like this, but Vltimas still surprised me by playing such an excellent ending to a rather chaotic day. 45 minutes on stage felt much too short, and in fact, I couldn’t have imagined anyone else doing a better job of this, than Vltimas did. It didn’t hurt them that they also played a cover of Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath - minus the fast part at the end.

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