The Rock, Copenhagen - 2008

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Hmm, I wonder who might be sponsoring this band? Oh, I know. Could it be Jägermeister, with their name written all over the backdrop in even bigger letters than the band-name has..?

Vengince was the second band to perform this evening, after S-Core and before Pro-Pain. Hailing from the Bay Area scene, although a little later (est. 1994) than when it had its moment of greatness, Vengince presented us to their take on music with a mix of hardcore and thrash. Competent and energetic, I still failed to find anything that really made it stick out from the crowd of other bands in this genre.

The crowd had gotten a bit bigger than for the last band, but it was still smaller than what we're used to in here. Again, I blame Metallica's signing session next door.
Also, the crowd had yet to come alive, they were still mostly hanging out and drinking some beers. There were two guys however, who decided to take matters in their own hands and started up a moshpit. With two participants. Interesting idea, but it didn't last for very long I'm sad to say.
The crowd was enlarged a short way into the set, where members of both S-Core and Pro-Pain came out to watch their tour-friends performing. The singer of S-Core, who at this point had gotten a wee bit drunk, made a good effort to pull people up to the front of the stage and warm them up for the band.
Just as seen before, the band were professional enough as too give a very energetic and lively performance even though the crowd was, to put it mildly, calm. The only thing lacking was possibly some more talking between which could have drawn the audience in a bit more, but it could be written off as not having more time to play. And the quick song changes also worked well with the fast music being played; there wasn't a dull moment to find here.

The sound was still top-class, except that I couldn't hear the keyboards at all from where I was standing. The light still needed a loving touch, as it was much too simple, and didn't really compliment the furious show.


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