Metaldays - 2013

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

We had left the main stage and Wintersun because of the many breaks and silences and instead joined the Unleashed horde at the 2nd stage. As it would turn out, Unleashed delivered just what Wintersun had failed at – music.

After only a short, symphonic intro, the pace was set with a hard hitting in your face death metal track about “fucking Vikings and destruction”!
Unleashed was unrelenting in their delivery of Swedish death metal, and there wasn’t much time to catch your breath after you entered the fray. Johnny Hedlund was in a particularly good mood this evening and when he wasn’t belching out lyrics about times passed, he was only too happy to lead his fans into shouted chants and chorus sing along sessions – he even had time for a quick band introduction before the partially German language call to arms Wir Kapitulieren Niemals.
An impromptu Unleashed chant from the crowd moved drummer Anders Schultz in such a way that he rose from his stool and asked for more!
The band in general wasn’t completely on top though, and went through the set delivering hard hitting songs paired with standard moves – there was a lot of headbanging going on, that’s true, but it was without a particularly good connection to the crowd, and there weren’t any surprises in the delivery at any time.

Still, the headbanging extended well beyond the edge of the stage.
The first few rows were positively insane with their headbanging and moshing, and back rows were quite into it as well even though they didn’t rival the fury of the front.
The sing, or rather scream, along parts extended by Hedlund were well received, and particularly The Longships Are Coming got a very good treatment during the chorus.

Still, Unleashed never quite got under my skin this evening. The songs were certainly doing their best, but the overall delivery was, as mentioned, lacking, and failing to properly connect with the band was the downfall of the show.
We also had to leave before the real classics which are kept to the encore came on. Unleashed had upped the game from Wintersun, but now it was time for King Diamond, and the Swedish Vikings couldn’t compete with the theatricals of the Danish metal royalty.

Setlist (incomplete):

Destruction (Of The Race Of Men)
The Longships Are Coming
This Time We Fight
Wir Kapitulieren Niemals

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