Tygers Of Pan Tang

Nordic Noise Rock Festival - 2017

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Together with Denner/Shermann, the old NWOBHM band Tygers of Pan Tang was the headliner of the second day of the Nordic Noise Rock Festival.
Mirroring the first day, the festival management had put a noteworthy international name on, together with a classic Danish act, and it seemed like a very good idea. For my own part, I have of course seen the name around, but I’ve never actually listened to Tygers Of Pan Tang before this night. Well, with the exception of quickly looking them up online prior to the festival. Now, on the other hand, it was time to pop the cherry, and take the live plunge.

“Are you ready to rock with the Tygers?!”
- Jacopo Meille (vocals)

Being formed in 1978, I daresay this was the oldest band on the billing, but don’t let the grey hair of founding member Robb Weir fool you – the energy was on top straight from the start!
The members of the band could be seen strolling about the place, always smiling and ready for a chat with the fans that stopped them on their way. Because there were certainly fans about. Fans with band shirts on their chest, fans with vinyls for signing. Fans that had gathered in front of the stage, ready to rock in response to vocalist Jacopo Meille’s question.

And why wouldn’t the fans be ready? Even though the band has been around, on and off, for almost 40 years, this here show was something very special indeed. This was the first the Tygers Of Pan Tang played in Denmark! So, you can imagine the pent-up expectations.
This reviewer had, for reasons explained above, no real expectations whatsoever, but was in a good mood, and was looking forward to a show that, at the very least, would keep the good mood going. And, spoiler alert, it did.
Weir, Meille, and the rest of the guys were ready to make this first encounter a lasting one. Every one of them were rocking hard, and filled their role in the show out perfectly. It was easy to see that Weir had a special feeling for the band in the way he performed, even though I didn’t know what his history with them at the time, and Meille did a great job as a frontman. He called out to the crowd, keeping us involved and active – in Glad Rags he had us singing along to the repeated “show them all” part of the chorus, and in Devil You Know he instigated a “hey” chant, just to name a few examples. All of which got a good and resounding response from the crowd.
Drummer Craig Ellis also made himself noticeable by often standing up behind his kit while playing. He too took good notice of the crowd, and pointed fans out in turn, fans that gave him an appreciative shout in return.

“And now for something completely different…”
- Meille (vocals)

Tygers Of Pan Tang definitely pulled the largest crowd of the day, and also the liveliest one. People were jumping, dancing, and rocking side by side, everyone enjoying the show in their own preferred fashion.
Mirroring the first day, I was surprised to see that the international act outdid the Danish counterpart by far, but given the way Tygers Of Pan Tang played, no one could be surprised by the love they received from their hungry, Danish fans. The music was enjoyable enough, and the performance was spot on!
I have a feeling these tygers won’t wait another 40 years before taking on the Danish hunting ground again, and I’m sure they’ll be welcomed back in style. And thank you for exceeding my expectations, and probably everyone else’s as well.


Only The Brave
Love Don’t Stay
Glad Rags
Never Give In
Keeping Me Alive
Don’t Stop By
Raised To Rock
Devil You Know
Suzie Smiled
Tush (ZZ Top cover)
Love Potion #9 (The Clovers cover)

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