The Vision Bleak

Aalborg Metal Festival, Denmark - 2016

Text: Lunah Lauridsen Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After the immense lift the band had shown the day before in Hamburg, I was actually looking quite a lot forward to seeing the German horror metal band The Vision Bleak again, now on my own soil, as it were.

“Do you have time for some kind of death metal?!”
- Allen B. Konstanz (vocals)

Even though Pain had opted out of bringing their massive light-rod equipment onto the stage, it didn’t stop The Vision Bleak from bringing their gravestone with the crow along. And why shouldn’t they? It’s a nice, and fitting, addition to their scenery, adding to the atmosphere they go for.
Sadly, the band members themselves didn’t quite deliver the same atmosphere in their performance, which this night looked weak and uninterested. Ulf Theodor Schwadorf and the drummer, Vincent Kreyder (Asylum Pyre), played well, but other than that were pretty anonymous in their performance. Konstanz wasn’t connecting nearly as well with the audience as he did in Hamburg, nor did it seem like he tried to. I was still pretty impressed with their new live guitarist, Christian ‘Marrok’ Brauch, especially for his quick and seemingly seamless entry into the band. Even with his quick entry, the circumstances of which I mention in my review from Hamburg, I could hear no faults in his playing, and he performed well with the others.

If it was the lack of energy in the band, that was mirrored in the audience, or the other way around, I can’t say, but there wasn’t much love shown for The Vision Bleak at Aalborg Metal Festival. Of course, there were a few people smiling and rocking along to the music, there always are, but on the whole, the audience didn’t give the band much in the way of response.
It helped when the band reached Kutulu!, and its obvious sing-along quality. Konstanz made an extra effort, and was rewarded by more shouts than before, which in turn spurred him on to go down into the security pit to get closer to the crowd. Here, and I mark this as the spot were festival began going south, he found a leek, which someone had thrown towards the stage at some prior time, that I hadn’t noticed. Yes, a leek. The vegetable.
As I stood ashamed of my fellow countrymen, Konstanz offered the leek (porre in Danish, btw) back to the crowd, and the entire hall exploded in a loud “Porre! Porre! Porre!” chant. Ye gods, we really hit hillbilly hometown here.
As a point of disinterest, the festival later had to issue a “no leek” policy, as more and more of the vegetable was brought in, and subsequently thrown at the performing artists…

Agricultural exposé or not, this The Vision Bleak did not manage to impress me, and I was back feeling the same way I had done in Berlin a little less than a month earlier – this isn’t really for me.
Although, just as with Dynazty, I find myself listening more and more to their music, so maybe the problem was just in the live performances. Or maybe it was in being presented with this truly deplorable crowd…

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