The Raven Age

Copenhell - 2022

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Saturday morning led us to the Pandæmonium stage, and The Raven Age from the UK were there to entertain. Their hard but still melodic style promised a good entry for the day, getting the festival back on its feet after the party brawl the day before.

“Copenhell! How the fuck are we doing out there?!”
- Matt James (vocals)

The Raven Age may have been set on one of the smaller stages, but they did a good job in filling it up. They had a brand new guitarist in their midst as well, as Tommy Gentry, long time friend of the band, stepped up to the task, when previous guitarist Tony Maue left to pursue his own career as a vocalist. Gentry seemed like a good fit for the band, and if you didn’t know it, you’d never know he hadn’t been around all the time.
All the members of the band were working on getting the Saturday party going, and were giving it an active effort on stage. While the musicians kept at it by moving about and keeping things lively to look at, frontman Matt James took on the crowd by keeping a direct contact with them.

Not that the grounds in front of the stage were all that full this early in the day, and to be honest, those who had shown up were taking things rather easy. Sure, when James asked for something specific, he got what he asked for, like horns in the air or shouts, but other than that, the Copenhell crowd was content in hanging back and taking the music in, reserving its own effort to emphatic applause between songs.
Admittedly, the crowd did grow during the show, as more and more people got up, and came to see what the Brits were all about, but just because the size of the crowd grew, it didn’t mean the intensity of it grew.

The Raven Age didn’t have the wildest crowd, but they did have the tough job of waking a festival up on its final day, and given that, they put in a solid effort and performance.
Musically, we’re not exactly on the same page, but they did what they came for, and in the end, it was a pleasant way to start the day, which was exactly what we needed.

Setlist (incomplete):

Salem’s Fate
Promised Land

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