The Interbeing

Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2022

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Denmark's The Interbeing supported the legendary Clawfinger, as the latter visited Amager Bio in Copenhagen one late March night.
Despite them being around for 16 years and making quite a name for themselves, this was our first encounter with them, both in a live setting and musically.

The Interbeing opened up with a quick “what’s up, Amager” from frontman Dara Toibin, before delving straight down heaviness.
The sound was deathcore inspired, with clean choruses and a background soundscape that in moments reminded me of Fear Factory. This could be a good opener for the energetic Clawfinger, and with all the positive hype the band’s gotten over the years, I came in pretty open, but hoping for something good.
Visually, The Interbeing also had it going on. A huge backdrop, matching stage banners, and a good lightshow complemented the style well.

Sadly, the only thing that felt lacking was the band itself. With the energy of the music smacking us straight in the face, I was expecting a wild performance to accompany it.
What I got was four band members grooving a bit in their assigned places, and one bassist, Jacob Aarosiin Hansen, who traversed the stage once in a while at a light gait. Toibin was good at bending down with a foot on the speaker a lot, but he never got round to making that jump that would release the pent up energy.
Having recently seen Swedish hardcore band Knogjärn, the contrast here was palpable. Stylistically, the two bands were similar enough to give off a certain type of vibe, making me expect a certain type of liveshow. Alas, where Knogjärn’s Kim Eriksson spent more time in the air than he did standing on the stage, Toibin was the exact opposite, and he could take a note or two from Eriksson.

Despite going in with a good feeling, I’m sad to say The Interbeing disappointed in almost every aspect. It was too much of the same over and over again, and I couldn’t remember a single stand-out riff if my life depended on it. Sorry guys, tonight was just not your night, and I for one don’t have a burning desire to see if things would be better on another night.


Deceptive Signal
Black Halo
Pulse Within The Paradox
Eternal Eclipse
Spiral Into Existence
Rhesus Artificial
Among The Amorphous

The Interbeing

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