The Headlines

KB, Malmoe - 2009

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The first band to open up for Dia Psalma at KB this night was local punk-rock group The Headlines.
The group has an album out, Plug n Play, which was produced by Swedish punk-rock super legend Stry (ex- Ebba Grön), and have toured with some pretty big names, so it was quite surprising how small the attendance was here in their own hometown. To put it another way, I have never before seen such a small crowd here at KB!
Admittedly, I had not heard about The Headlines before this night, but it was still headed by Dia Psalma, so where were all the people? A question I sadly never got an answer for, as so many before it…

But on to the show.
Even though the crowd was small, it still consisted of what I can only describe as hardcore punks; therefore the spirit of party was omnipresent in the room. Also from the bands side the party was well served as they were in a great mood which, together with a lively show and contagiously happy music made for a real ‘feel good’ start of the evening.
Musically, I felt some vibrations from bands like Blink 182 and early Green Day (especially in vocalist/guitarist Jake’s performance and sound) but there was definitely an older vibe as well.
Apart from Jake, the band consists of the multi-instrumentalist C.C. Rad performing on electrical mandolins (now there’s something I’ve never seen before), saxophone and a harmonica and also the long-legged blond bomb-shell of a bassist Kerry Bomb. The drummer I have not been able to find any info on, it would seem he was not necessarily a permanent member of the band. Still, he most definitely made just a good job of it as the rest of them.
Incidentally, it was also Kerry Bomb who made all males in the crowd melt as she dedicated a song to “all the guys in the room”; the song was All I Need. Later on, Jake also dedicated a song. This time the dedication went out to Malmoe, and the song was Making Love To The City.

As The Headlines short set (about 25-30 minutes) came to an end they still decided to grant us an extra song to finish off with because, in their own words; “Because we’re in such a great fucking shape!”
Sadly, I didn’t catch the title of the track, but the refrain went something in the style of “Falling Down”. Anyone who might know which song I’m talking about should feel free to write it in the comments box.

Anyway, a short but enthusiastic set started the night of by the hands of The Headlines. After this it was time for Sparzanza, and then Dia Psalma.


Let’s Get Together
The Streets Of My Town
Love And Hate
You Take More Than You Give
All I Need
Making Love To The City
The Boyz
Falling Down (?)

The Headlines

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