The Haunted

Malmö Festivalen - 2010

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The Haunted ended up being the only band we really saw at Malmöfestivalen this year.
Due to a stormy weather, several shows were cancelled, and others moved. Sad for us, but for The Haunted I would say it worked out for the better; they were moved from a middle-size stage close to the central station with a time starting at 9 p.m., to the much larger stage at Stortorget (the town-square) and starting at 10 p.m. instead.

This of course meant that there was room for a whole lot more people in front of the stage, something the crowd was not late in taking advantage of. Admittedly, we didn’t have a hard time finding a nice, central position, but as soon as the band came on and began playing the whole place turned into one large, wild moshpit, and there was no end to the energy the crowd was pumping out.
The band was pretty much on the beat as well, although I sometimes got the feeling it was running a bit too much on routine. Nevertheless, The Haunted were kicking ass, and it felt like even a standard show from them would amount to much more than the average band could pull out of even a great night.
I have mentioned that the audience was showing its appreciation of the show with an intense moshpit, but this wasn’t the only way. About halfway through the set a girl decided to throw her bra up on the stage, and it was quickly caught, and subsequently used as a hat by Peter Dolving (vocals). He also wished to use it the traditional way, and was aided by one of the stagecrew to hook it up, but apparently it was not his size, and after a minute he gave up on the idea and continued singing as well, a good choice by all accounts.

“It’s great to be back!”
- Peter Dolving (vocals)

Dolving expressed the band's joy to be, after two years on the road abroad, back on its home-turf again. He mentioned they had only five more shows to go, and then they would try and hit the studio again, a statement which garnered a very positive response from the crowd.
If it was because of weariness after travelling for such a long time, or just a personal touch for the show I do not know, but some way into the set, the band held a break, while some pre-recorded music was pumping out of the speakers, and Dolving was on his knees praying, meditating, or some such thing… A bit of a waste of their one hour stage time, if you ask me, but they were soon all on their feet again, and the concert proceeded with the same thunderous intensity it had before.
Or well, thunderous may be a bit of an exaggeration; it should be known that the sound quality of this show lay far above what I’m used to, especially at open air concerts, but no matter how good the sound was, it was still a pain that someone had forgotten to turn up the volume. The very low volume was certainly the gigs worst drawback, it made it lack that extra punch it sorely needed after the audience had had so much extra time to drink in.

I must admit that even though the band gave it a good effort, I had a hard time keeping focused and interested. The low volume I mentioned certainly had a great deal to say here, but there were other factors as well. Though I should at the same time mention that Lunah (Lauridsen, our photographer) rated this into the top 10 of concerts she has seen this year straight after they finished, and as I’ve also mentioned, the crowd was impressively wild.

The Haunted

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