The Foreshadowing

Richter, Gladsaxe - 2023

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

First up on this evening of doom and gloom over Gladsaxe was The Foreshadowing, a band previously unknown to us, but thankfully that was about to change.

“We are The Foreshadowing from Italy, and this is our very first time in Denmark, so we are very excited.”
- Marco Benevento (vocals)

Sadly for the band, the hall was nearly empty when their intro began playing, something atmospheric with a voice over saying that the consciousness of humans was a tragic misstep and other such things, after which the band went straight into 17, first song of the evening. Their sound was nicely melodic and sombre, and vocalist Marco Benevento had a melodramatic and smooth voice, underlined by a restrained performance. At times they reminded me of the softer side of Moonspell, which is certainly not a bad thing - especially during Hope. She’s In The Water.

The crowd may have stayed small throughout, but the band didn’t let it visually affect them, which was nice. It also paid off, as the people who had entered the hall were eager to cheer the band on between songs. It was obviously not a wild show by any stretch of the imagination, but if you listen to their music, this shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone.
What did come as a surprise however, was that the band appeared without a bassist. Looking them up, they’ve apparently had a hard time finding someone permanent for the spot, and are currently operating without one even outside of their live capacity. The most notable spot for this was during Departure, which has a part where there’s only bass playing in it, now obviously played on a backtrack.
Other than that, The Foreshadowing also had a guest on stage in guitarist Gabrielle Giaccari, who is more commonly found in Shores of Null. Even though we saw that band as recently as back in April of this very year, I’m sad to say I couldn’t recognise Giaccari from that encounter. He did however impress me with his participation in this gig, where he (like the others) delivered musically as well as emotionally.

As I mentioned, things never really took off for this gig, and there weren’t any stand out moments I can point to. It was through and through a well-played gig though, very pleasant to take part in, and I’m glad to have seen the band here. Let’s just hope for a bigger support from the audience in the future.


The Forsaken Son
Hope. She’s InThe Water
Second World
The Dawning

The Foreshadowing

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