The Floor Is Made Of Lava

Falconer Salen, Copenhagen - 2012

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

After the lesser disappointment of D-A-D’s first support band of the evening, The Joke, I wasn’t quite sure I could go through another Danish rock orchestra which I didn’t know.
Yes, the seriously long-titled band The Floor Is Made Of Lava (who thought about that?) was the second and final support for the giants of Danish rock music, and the stage was clearly now theirs.

Well, unbeknownst is a little bit exaggerated, as I had heard about this band before this night, I just hadn’t heard any of their music.
Anyway, the reason the stage was so clearly theirs was that as a back-drop (not in the back as they stood in front of the main bands equipment) they had hung four very stylish banners with the name written on them, as well as having one unique image on every banner. A nice touch with immediately made me think that we were now in a completely different league compared to The Joke (who, incidentally, did not have a backdrop, but instead a standard A4 piece of paper with their name on stuck to the bass-drum).
Off course, with two albums in the back catalogue, off which the latest one, Howl At The Moon, had sold gold just the month before this, and a heap of concerts and TV appearances, there could be no doubt as to which band was the most experienced.

Also the audience reflected this to some degree.
For one thing, the crowd was decidedly more, well, crowded by this time, and even though most of the feelings were kept inside until D-A-D took the stage, there was a fair amount of nodding along to the beat around the place, and in the front there were even some people jumping and shouting.
This is, sadly, more than can be said about the band members themselves.
Sure, they were certainly into the music, and it could be seen that they were perfectly comfortable and relaxed, but the problem for me was that they really didn’t do much of anything. Not that this is a given necessity for a working live-show, but it would have been good at this one. Maybe it was the mishap during the first song, where vocalist Tobias Kippenberger tried to move around a bit with the result that the chord was yanked out of his mic, that put a damper on things, but it wasn’t until the very last song of the evening where he really dared to break out of the comfort-zone again as he moved out on the catwalk which was specially set up for the show.

Given that this is not really my type of scene, I do think that The Floor Is Made Of Lava did a fairly good job of the show though, which could be seen in the fans they had among the crowd.
Shouts of skoal, and the presentation of a new song, Place In The Sun, which had a fairly gritty guitar riff driving it, but with recognisable melodies and harmonies, all went down well with the audience
Kippenberger was also more than happy to talk to us between songs to keep the momentum going, where he (amongst other things) took the time to thank D-A-D for having them on this the second night in Falconer Salen and the final show for the tour. He also made a smart remark on the age difference between the bands by calling D-A-D a seniors club, which I doubt went down quite as well with the band as the thank you had. Or maybe it did, D-A-D have always been a band with a large sense of humour, so who knows?

What I do know is that at the end of the day, The Floor Is Made Of Lava had done their job. People were more ready than ever to welcome and party with the main act of the evening, and that is all that is required by a support band.
For the future though, a bit more energy in the performance would go a long way.

The Floor Is Made Of Lava

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