Ballerup Super Arena, Ballerup - 2014

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

The little known all-female bad-ass rock’n’motherfuckingroll (their own word) trio Taras from Copenhagen, Denmark, was the first band to support D-A-D on their final 30th anniversary show, which was set to go out with a blast in the Ballerup Super Arena sports hall.
Seriously, little known is an understatement, finding info about these girls is practically impossible! Your best bet is to somehow find out where their next gig is, show up and talk to them yourself.

“Ballerup, are we gonna start a party or what?!”
- Cecilie Maria (vocals/bass)

Taras went on stage pretty early to a pretty open hall with not too much crowd, and they did so with no real introduction – after a short lights out, they were there and went straight into a song with a “bad, bad girl” kind of chorus. Drummer / backing vocalist Sara Gacic was first on stage, and she made a well-placed attempt of getting some shouting started by the people who were standing in front of the stage, but apparently it was too early still because she didn’t get much response for her effort.
Next out were Cecilie Maria and guitarist /backing vocalist Natasja Svendsen, and then we were off. Judging by style and expression, Taras were trying to walk in the footprints of predecessor giants like The Runaways, but the problem was that their material was not quite up to par yet. Taras, with their about 30 minutes of playing time, failed to present much variation in their rowdy rock ‘n’ roll sound, and in fairness it should be mentioned that the sound didn’t do them many favours either – as I was standing on the side of Maria, the guitar was nearly inaudible, and all of the vocals had a shrill sound to them that made it hard to hear what they were even singing about. At one point a guest vocalist, Rebecca, was introduced, and her deeper register was a nice counterweight, but she was only in for one song. If you check out Mass Destruction Man, the one song the girls have on their Facebook page, it sounds like Maria has a fuzzy filter on all of her vocals, but this was not present at this live gig, and it didn’t help things along much either.

“Let’s listen to the most beautiful sound here tonight.” (pops open a beer can)
- Maria (vocals/bass)

Even with the sound and songs not working as well as they could, Taras will get some credit for performance however. Admittedly, it seemed a bit stiff to begin with, and I got the feeling that this was probably ten times larger than any gig they’ve ever handled before, but a couple of songs in they all started to loosen up and have fun with it – Maria was naturally tied to the microphone but did what she could there, and in a few short places also stepped out on the catwalk in front of the stage. Svendsen, who looked like a shoe-gazer at first, began moving about quite a bit after a while, giving us some choice posing examples and even some headbanging from time to time. Gacic mostly looked like she was enjoying every moment, but at the finale she joined in on the joint headbanging section – afterwards she would also throw her pink drum-sticks out to a lucky fan in the audience before taking her leave.
The crowd wasn’t completely blown away by Taras’ efforts, judging by the lack of response they gave the band, but Maria thanked them nonetheless for showing up so early and supporting even the first band of the evening. Later on, the band members could be seen mingling in the crowd, which wasn’t a bad idea to get their name out there.

I can’t say that Taras is really my thing, but at least I believe that given time to work on their song-writing skills and getting more comfortable on stage, they could go somewhere in the right circles. So if you feel like finding a new, female rock band, you could always check them. They just really, really, need to become more visible, starting by adding more material to their Facebook page, which as far as I’ve seen it is their one and only face to the people.

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Dirty MF

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