Amager Bio, Copenhagen - 2015

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Behind door No. 1 in this year’s Christmas calendar, we had a concert opened by a band that I’m not overly familiar with – meaning that I’ve seen their name around, but have never actually heard their music before.
Their name is Sylosis, and their style is modern death aggression.

“Thank you for coming out tonight, we fucking appreciate it, thank you!”
- Josh Middleton (vocals, guitar)

Supporting Children Of Bodom, and for a part of the tour at least, Lamb Of God, Sylosis was musically a perfect fit, and should be able to win over a few hearts along the way, for fans of the other two, who, like me, had yet to familiarize with the band.
However, music isn’t everything. They needed a solid performance to go with the musical aggression for it to work out well. So, did they?
Well, yes and no. Sylosis definitely weren’t bad on a stage, I’ll give them that much. Problem is, they weren’t especially good either. They delivered the songs the way, I’m guessing here, they should be, and frontman Josh Middleton managed to get a few comments across as well, but apart from that, the band didn’t really do much of anything. No, wait. Bassist Carl Parnell did walk around a bit, and also offered up some acceptable headbanging/nodding, but the rest of the band were pretty much locked in their positions during the gig. Not exactly what you’d expect from a band of this particular style, but there you have it.
Sylosis had managed a very good sound however. Sure, the vocals could have been a tad higher in the mix, but comparing to other live mixes I’ve heard, there really wasn’t anything to complain about here.

Whether or not the crowd, in general, knew about these four Brits from before is unclear, but if they did, they weren’t prepared to let on. Given the fact that Lamb Of God had left the tour all of a sudden, as a result of the Paris concert attack (Eagles Of Death Metal, you know), I was positively surprised to see such a large amount of people had still shown up, but as on stage, not much was going on. A bit of headbanging and a few raised arms in the front was the initial extent of it.
Middleton wasn’t completely satisfied with this, and called out for a sing along for Leech. It didn’t really amount to much, but a proper ‘Hey’ chant rumbled out during the solo of said song.
After this, the Copenhagen crowd seemed to warm up a bit to the band, and more and more joined in the shouting sessions. When reaching the speed freak Stained Humanity, we even saw a nice wall of death open up the floor.

All in all, the concert had a nice flow, and although Sylosis wasn’t a great musical match for me, they kept it varied enough to keep it interesting. Especially Servitude stuck with me, with the first few bars reminding me of Iron Maiden, and the following heavy groove which later shifted to speed extravaganza.
Now, if only they had worked a little harder on that performance, I’m sure this would have been an act to keep an eye on. A+ to Middleton however for introducing all the song titles to us – too bad we couldn’t always hear what he said since he sometimes chose to fiddle around on his guitar at the same time.

Setlist (incomplete):

Fear The World
Stained Humanity


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