Sworn Enemy

The Rock, Copenhagen - 2011

Text: Tobias Nilsson Photo: Lunah Lauridsen

Sworn Enemy was a completely new name to me as they played The Rock in Copenhagen, but as they had arrived as the support act for Sepultura I saw no reason not to give them a try. As it happened, Sworn Enemy was already well underway with filling the concert hall with loud, heavy noise as we arrived.
Not many others were there yet, I’d take a wild guess that the place was slightly less than half-filled, and it surprised me to see so few here? Couldn’t even such a name as Sepultura get people out of their couches on a Wednesday evening for some good old metal?

”This is the part where everyone loses their fucking minds!”
- Sal Lococo (vocals)

Well, no matter what, I was intent on seeing what these Americans had to offer; what first struck me as something like a heavy, modern approach on thrash soon revealed a more hardcore’ish side to it, and the part of the crowd which had dared approach the stage seemed to dig it. The band seemed to have an ok time as well, even though I have a feeling they might be used to a livelier response than what the Danes offered...
So, after a few songs where the band had tried to make an atmosphere simply by playing their music, Lococo manned up and began chatting with the audience in between songs; among other things, he asked for a shout out from all those who had heard about the band before this show, for which he had a surprisingly high amount of arms thrust in the air as a response. Digging a little deeper in the same subject he then asked how many actually saw the band for the first time this night, to which an even higher amount of arms and voices were raised, several of these belonging to those who had answered to the last question as well. This pleased the band, for as Lococo put it; ”It’s always nice to see some new faces”.
He then proceeded to say that, if we felt like it, we should all head out to the merch stand afterwards and pick some of their stuff up as they could really use the help. By this I guessed financial help, but if so, Lococo’s next comment was a bit more surprising as he advocated illegally downloading their music for free, since they hadn’t brought any CD’s along...

Sworn Enemy even got a little circle pit going, and by little I mean that its participants were few in numbers; the actual size these guys took up was actually quite considerable as they chose to run around the entire room, rounding the fixed table in the middle and reaching the bar at the other end before heading back again! Lucky for them, and the rest of us, the room wasn’t much occupied yet...
The energy in this display was however something the band could not begin to duplicate on stage, even though I have my suspicion that they would if they could. The simple truth however, was that they couldn’t; even though The Rock had modified and enlarged the stage since the last time I was here, much of this space was now occupied by Sepultura’s equipment, Leaving very little room for Sworn Enemy to stand on. In fact, there was very little else but just standing going on.
Still, they did manage to get some applauds going when they announced the final song for the evening, and after the show they could be found hanging out at the merch-stand and in the bar for the rest of the evening, available for anyone who was up for a quick word or a greeting.

For my own sake, I must admit that I was a bit sceptic at first, but as the show went on I warmed up a little to the guys, and in the end I considered it an ok though not very memorable gig.

Setlist (incomplete):

As Real As It Gets
A Place Of Solace
We Hate

Sworn Enemy

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